Apparently trash-talking can be as crucial in drag radial racing, as an aggressive tune-up. One produces the other at Lights Out 9, the popular drag radial event hosted by South Georgia Motorsports Park. 

Stevie "Fast" Jackson will be the first to testify.

"I wasn't planning on running for the No. 1 qualifier, but I was inspired," Jackson admitted.

And for Jackson, he needed very little inspiration after seeing Keith Haney thunder to the top of the leaderboard in Thursday's opening session.

"The pocket carnival midget had on his No. 1 qualifier shirt on Friday, and he made videos about me because I had only made one decent run. I spun out on Thursday. I told [Haney] to wait about 12 hours, and I would get him straight."

Jackson straightened the rest of the Radial vs. The World field with a 3.804 second elapsed time at 196.93 miles per hour. Friday's qualifications were much better than Thursday, largely in part because of a racing surface willing to cooperate with the 50-plus entries within the Duck X Productions top of the food chain division. 

"I didn't run too fast, I just eased it down there," Jackson explained. "The car ran good, and the track came around good today. Today was the first day we've had a good one to race on. As you can see everyone is ripping down there. It's normal SGMP. I wanted a second run today because I was going to really hang my wee-wee out there."

The third qualifying session was postponed until Saturday when the deteriorating conditions left race officials with no other choice than to call it a day. 

Daniel Pharris stepped up in a big way during Q-2 with a 3.810, 211.43 to claim the No. 2 spot, while the boxy 1978 Chevrolet Malibu of Mark Micke was third with a 3.855. 

Thursday's provisional No. 1 Haney, fell to fourth when he failed to improve on his 3.858. 

Jason Hoard holds down the No. 32 spot with a 4.594.

The multitude of classifications competing have one more qualifying session before first round Saturday afternoon.