Jack Doyle, seen here addressing the crowd during the 50th anniversary celebration of the track, which opened in 1966 was at New England Dragway for it’s first day of operation and still today is it’s biggest supporter. 

The proposal to sell the New England Dragway racing facility has been defeated. On the evening of December 2, 2021, a meeting was held, with the shareholders of New England Dragway, located in Epping, New Hampshire.

The primary topic of the meeting was a proposal to sell New England Dragway and its property. Sources indicate the shareholders voted the proposal down by a 428-78 margin. Seven stockholders reportedly abstained from the vote.

Jack Doyle, a New England Dragway stockholder and former track manager, said the vote confirmed what is known mainly about the track and that it’s dedicated to its racers.

“The rank and file met on the topic of the sale of New England Dragway, and they stayed true to the original idea that New England Dragway is a race track for the racers, by the racers, and they refused to take a $12.5 million deal,” Doyle said. “They said, ‘No thanks, we’d rather stay racing.”

“So you can’t ask for any stronger support than that. There were very few people looking to sell. So it’s full speed ahead for 2022. We had a good year last year, and if we can stop playing with lawyers and go racing, we’ll do even better this year.”

According to Doyle, New England Dragway is without a track manager. “We would sure welcome someone with the right experience to step up and contact us,” he said.