Randy Ranew, the driving force behind the popular Redline Shirt Club is excited about what he sees these days.

The Redline Shirt Club, a program which specializes in delivering nostalgia-themed t-shirts to its members monthly for a monthly fee with no required length of membership, has enjoyed considerable growth in the last few years. 

"This month's t-shirt we did Jeb Allen," Ranew said.  "It was a really beautiful shirt; it came out great. I had always wanted to do a Jeb Allen shirt, but I wasn’t able to contact him. So our good buddy Tom McEwen found him, contacted him for me. Jeb Allen gave his approval; we came out with a design and that shirt is a shirt for October."

If its members enjoyed the October offering, chances are they will love what's ahead in November. 

"I finally tracked down Tom Hoover and his wife," Ranew said. "They are excited about doing the shirt club. We’re doing a special edition of the Winternationals car, the Corvette that won the Winternationals in 1979. So that’ll be the Showtime Corvette. Then we got the Blue Max coming up after that in December. That will be the Mustang II."

Future projects are kept secret until the contractural i's are dotted, and t's are crossed, Raney adds, and without dropping names says there are some exciting projects ahead. 

Ranew said he has criteria for which subject make the cut. 

"I grew up in the 70’s," Ranew explained. "The cars that I loved from back then I think were the cars that everybody else loved back then. And we kind of have a rule where we want to feature only the true legends of drag racing, cars that have won national events, cars that have won championships, cars that have won AHRA, IHRA, NHRA championships. 

"I’ll get emails or calls from guys who have Funny Cars, beautiful cars, we’d love to feature them, but they’re just not quite the cars that we want to feature. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, we’re trying to be appealing to most everybody."

Ranew's membership list spans country-wide, even continent-wide and expands as far as  Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand.

"We are now moving into the late 70’s, and 80’s now," Ranew said. "We’ve got the 60’s and 70’s covered pretty well for the last six years. But of course, we always have to get approval from the owner, the team, the driver before we move forward." 

Joining the Red Line shirt club is not hard at all. 

"There’s no joining fee to join the club," Ranew said. "All you do is you go to the website, you just join the club through It’ll ask you for your name, address, your billing info; we’ll ship you your first shirt. Sizes small to extra large are $23.95, the 2X, 3X, 4X are just a couple of bucks more. But that’s all you’ve got to do.

"We’ve got guys that have been members for four or five years that have got a shirt every month for the past four or five years, so I could imagine what their closets look like. I had a guy send me a picture of his closet, that’s all he had was Red Line Shirt Club shirts from front to back, so he was pretty proud of that. You know, and I’m pretty proud of that too."