In the opening round of racing on Saturday night at Lights Out 12, Carolina No-Time racer Anthony Sellars opted to fly a flag depicting a profane political message during his burnout in front of a packed grandstand at South Georgia Motorsports Park. 

Just minutes earlier, Sellars visited the SGMP control tower where he spoke with Duck X Productions founder and president Donald Long, who had earlier expressed concern about the flag's presence. Long obviously preferred the flag, which declared "F**k Biden. And f**k you for voting for him," not be displayed on Sellars' blue Mustang, but said to Sellars, "I'm not telling you what to do."

Despite a generally positive response from the SGMP crowd, it didn't take long after Sellars' winning pass for a fan to arrive at the tower asking to speak with whomever was in charge. Long addressed the issue for several minutes in calm conversation with the woman and though little was actually resolved she left satisfied with his explanation.

Sellars also briefly visited the tower later in the evening and confirmed the Biden flag was retired for the weekend and an American flag would fly in its place on Sunday for as long as he remained in contention for the Lights Out win.