The Professional Drag Racers confirmed the Outlaw 632 category will be a part of the PDRA program again in 2018, with a fresh name, Pro 632. East Side Auto Transport will retain title rights of the category, which will be run at five of the eight races on the 2018 tour.

The class, which originated in Florida, has enjoyed a strong following by both racers and fans during its time with the PDRA. Named for the max cubic inch size allowed, East Side Auto Transport PDRA Pro 632 provides a more cost effective option while still allowing racers to tour and compete for a championship in a national series.

"The PDRA has my full support for next year," said Ken Quartuccio, owner of East Side Auto Transport and Pro 632 competitor. "I'm glad to be back. Having Outlaw 632 as part of the PDRA program has worked out well, and we're excited to see it continue in 2018 as Pro 632."

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There will be two major rule changes for Pro 632 next season. Any size clutch will now be allowed and each weight break will take off 100lbs from what was required in 2017. Complete rules are listed below and at www.pdra660.com.

“We are thrilled to have Pro 632 with us again next year,” stated PDRA’s Bob Harris. “We’ve received great support from racers and great feedback from the fans. Adding a race to their schedule and making the rule changes will allow even more doorslammers to compete in the category. We appreciate what Ken and East Side Auto Transport have done for Pro 632 and look forward to seeing the class continue to grow with us.”


East Side Auto Transport – PDRA Pro-Outlaw 632 Rules for 2018
  1.   Any style chassis door car body and truck body accepted.

  2.  16 car field must have a minimum of 13 cars.

  3.  32 car field must have a minimum of 26 cars.

  4.  Pro – ladders will be used 1-16
  5.  Must have working taillights.

  6.  Must have engine containment device. (Diaper or bucket 4” minimum depth)

  7.  Front overhang limited to 45” unless stock OEM is longer.

  8.  Minimum ground clearance 3”

  9.  No blowers or turbos allowed.

10.  632 ci motor (up to 640 ci max)

11.  Stock bore spacing only. (4.840 Chevy 4.800 Mopar 4.900 Ford.)

12.   All bye runs must take tree under vehicle power.   Do not have to make run you can stage under
        power then back up.

13.  No back drilled jets allowed, no brass jets, stainless jets only

14.  NOS push systems prohibited

15.  36 maximum jet size allowed in 2600 lbs. class

16.   2900 lbs.  multi system-no jet size limit

17.   2200 lbs.  natural aspirated

18.   Transmission – deduct 75 lbs. in 2900 class only for power glides. Must be 2 speed PG for deduction
         with no lockup.

19.   Clutch size no restriction, any clutch combo legal.

20.   Progressors – legal in both 2600 and 2900 lbs. class

21.  Cold boxes legal in 2900 lbs. class only.

22.  SB NOS -2450

23.  SB N/A no minimum.

24.  Signal carb in any weight class deduct 50 lbs.

25.  All protest defined in PDRA general rules


1. All general NHRA/PDRA/ safety rules apply.
    a. 2010 or newer full faced helmet mandatory.
b. Head and neck restraint mandatory.
c. SFI 3.2a / 15 fire suit mandatory
d. Participants running nitrous must have gloves SFI 3.3/15.
e. Participants running without nitrous allowed SFI 3.3/5.
f. Shoes must be at least SFI 3.3/5.
2. 2500 lbs. or greater must have up –to - date chassis certification of at least 25.2.
3. 2700 lbs. must have up – to – date chassis certification of at least 25.1.
4. Pulling at least one parachute at the end of the run recommended.
5. Chassis certifications can be done by PDRA tech at the race.

PDRA Tech has the final discretion on all rules.