Dave Vasser believes strongly in two things: a good product and loyalty. During the Lights Out 9 event at South Georgia Motorsports Park, both were put to good use.

Vasser, the CEO of Nitrous Outlet, a leading nitrous oxide and accessories supplier, unveiled the newest item on his growing product line.

Vasser and his team designed the Tower of Power with the X275 [drag radial] racer in mind.

"The [X275] class is restricted to 125 thousandths worth of [jet] on a big block and 140 thousands worth of [jet] on a small block," Vasser explained. "When you get to the point, we’ve dominated that class since it’s early beginnings with our customers, and it’s getting more and more competitive. It’s even at Duck’s race, and before it was just kind of popular in southern Texas. With the class growing like it is, that means it’s just getting more competitive. And in order to make sure that our customers are staying on top, we went in to try to figure out how we create more flow across the jet.

"What we realized is by removing the restrictions of the phase change areas and the restrictions in the turns, we’re able to move more volume across the jet by just simply changing the orientation of how we’re feeding into the plate."

Only three teams in Valdosta were running Vasser's Tower of Power, a number he expects to grow by the time tour rolls back around for the October No Mercy event.

"We’ve had customers in this class that our competitors beat down these guys doors and offered them free product to switch and they’ve never left our side," Vasser explained. "And it’s a two-way relationship; they feed us data, we continue creating a product that puts them in the winner’s circle. I’ve always said that if you give the right racer the right product, he’ll show you what it’s capable of doing, and that’s what these guys have done for us.

"We made sure that on these, we could only build so many before No Mercy, and the orders that we took and promised were the ones that were currently already running our product, or are very faithful to us, and we showed our loyalty back to them by making sure they had the product first."

Vasser has always considered himself to be a big-picture person, and in addition to remaining on the cutting edge of technology, he's also heavily vested in safety. Safety is just as important to him and his team as a good product and loyalty.

"Safety is really big to us," Vasser explained. "We try to educate the racer because, for one, we want people to be safe and not get hurt, and we want them to be able to enjoy what they’re doing. We’re the only company that offers a bottle trade-in program where you could actually bring your old bottles, and we’ll give you $100 for your old bottle toward the purchase of a new bottle. We have people that trade in torched bottles, beat up bottles. We got people that trade in new bottles that just want a new valve. But the purpose was just to get the old bottles out of circulation and make it affordable for the racer to be able to get rid of that bottle and not take a total hit on it."

Vasser has even turned down business in the interest of safety.

"We won’t fill any bottles that come in that are torched, painted, re-powder coated, and out of date," Vasser said. "And the reason why we don’t fill bottles like that is that it’s a hazard to our employees, but it’s also a hazard to the racer. Sometimes they get a little upset with us, but we take that opportunity to educate them and show them how to determine when the bottle’s out of date, and then tell them for $25-$30 they can actually go get that bottle re-certified."

And at the end of the day, it’s racing fast and racing safe that matters.

"The last thing we want is the government to have to step in and put more regulations on us, and make it unaffordable for us to be able to do what we do," Vasser said.