National Hot Rod Association President Tom Compton is “away” from his position because of “personal” business, authorized sources within the sanctioning body confirmed Friday.

Anthony Vestal, NHRA’s director of media relations, said, “Tom has been away recently on personal and family matters.” He asked that Compton’s privacy be respected.

NHRA Senior Media Relations Manager Scott Smith also said, “Tom is away, dealing with a personal family matter.”

Neither addressed the question of whether or when Compton is expected to return to the office at Glendora, Calif. Neither confirmed a report that Executive Vice-President / General Manager Peter Clifford has taken charge in Compton’s absence.

“The NHRA does not address rumors,” Vestal said.  “We do have a great management team in place to run the company in Tom’s absence, and, as a result, our business and racing operations haven't missed a beat.  Again, Tom’s situation is personal and we hope you will respect that.”



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