Legends: The Series, the long-running online documentary series, will unveil the latest episode featuring the late Darrell Russell during the Performance Racing Industry trade show on Friday, December 13, 2019, at the event's Media Center starting at 2 PM, EST.

The special event, presented by Aeromotive, will give showgoers an advance viewing of the episode, which showcases the life of Russell, who died while competing at the 2004 NHRA Sears Craftsman Nationals outside of St. Louis.

"When you're entrusted to tell the life story of someone who isn't there to tell it themselves, it makes for a bigger challenge than someone who is there to deliver it themselves," said Bobby Bennett, Publisher, and Editor of, a drag racing magazine in publication since September 1999.

"I met with Darrell's parents last year with the idea of telling Darrell's story. In today's world and even back in 2004, it's hard to find someone who everybody unanimously has nothing but good to say about them. I have yet to find anyone who has ever had a bad thing to say about Darrell. He was truly a special person, which is a blessing to tell his story."

The episode also features an original song written, produced, and performed by Country Music artist Laura Wines-Black, a fan of the straight-line sport. Her song, "A Legend Will Live On," is a tribute to Russell's life, and appears in the final chapter of the online documentary.

"I'm so excited to be a part of this project," Wines-Black said. "I have been a drag racing fan for a long time, who just happens to sing. With that said, I've been a fan of Legends: The Series for a long time as well.

"These interviews are just heart-wrenching. Darrell Russell was a one of a kind person, and an extremely talented drag racer whose life was ended way too early. In seeing the interviews for this episode, you can definitely tell how much he was loved and is missed."

Steve Matusek, of Aeromotive Fuel Systems, has been a sponsor of the PRI Show unveiling for three years now. A drag racer and devoted fan of the sport, Matusek says preserving drag racing's history is essential in today's instant information age.

"We are just proud to be involved with CompetitionPlusTV and Bobby Bennett's Legends: The Series," Matusek said. "This series preserves the unique personalities of our sport and very important."

Legends: The Series is in its fifth year of production, and has produced 45 episodes featuring iconic legends such as Don Prudhomme and Shirley Muldowney, as well as the not-so-mainstream drag racing contributors such as Bill Doner and Steve Reyes.