Top Fuel racer Dom Lagana has a part-time team which races with all the intensity of a full-time effort. Credit full sponsorship effort to the success as well as an interactive tuning alliance with the CAPCO race team of points leader Steve Torrence and his father Billy, who recently won in Brainerd. 

This weekend, with an ominous weather forecast due in part to Hurricane Florence, Lagana and his team plays to stay dry, magically dry.   

Lagana, who runs as a part of Tommy Thompson Motorsports and a teammate to Scott Palmer, plans to unveil sponsorship from Magic Dry 100% Organic Multi-Purpose Absorbent. 
"We have everything we need and we stay really involved even when we're not running my car," Lagana said. "I went on the Western swing to help out on Steve Torrence's car and then I also worked on Billy Torrence's car at Brainerd and Indy which was pretty cool because we won Brainerd and went to the semifinals in Indy so it's been a very busy summer.
"We also had a few match races with our family car in August and we were able to try out a few things in our clutch department to get the car more consistent than we were at Epping, our last NHRA race, so we're pretty confident we can run well in Reading."
This will be the sixth national event on the year for Lagana but his first with Magic Dry 100% Organic Multi-Purpose Absorbent as his title sponsor. Magic Dry is a sister product to CatSpot Organic Cat Litter, Lagana's sponsor to this point. Both products are owned by boat racer Tommy Thompson.
"We would love to upset some of the full-time teams and get some attention for Magic Dry," Lagana said. "It's an incredible product that people are going to love.
"We ran pretty well the other night at a match race in Michigan and learned a few things there so it was good," Lagana said. "I feel like we made some good strides and progress this year with the car. We also have Scott's data to base our tune-up off of as well so I think we'll have a pretty good handle on things."