It was a pleasant surprise for Funny Car racers in the southwest when Texan Chris Graves announced plans for the inaugural running of Funny Car Chaos. Not only were racers and fans alike very receptive to a new Funny Car event in Texas, but the no-rules 'outlaw' approach really spiked the interest of the public as this one of a kind event began to take shape. That's right, no rules. Graves and company created Funny Car Chaos to appeal to any and all Funny Cars with absolutely zero restrictions on engine combinations or body styles. Funny Cars of all types, appearances and performance levels are welcome to attend these two day flip top extravaganzas and the proof was in the pudding as over 20 cars from 7 states rolled through the gates of North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas in September of 2017 for the first event. A thrilling weekend was capped off with impressive wins by Mark "Mr. Explosive" Sanders in the 'A' field and Andy "Dragon Slayer" Mears in the 'B' field.

"I like the part where there are no rules. It's pretty obvious it's a good idea when you look around in the pits. 90% of these cars I've never seen before and I'd never have a chance to see them if it wasn't for this event," said Illinois based Funny Car owner and tuner of the "Crop Duster" Frank Ousley at the inaugural event.  Division 4 Top Alcohol racer Mark Billington shares that enthusiasm, "I think it's great, I think the idea of bringing Funny Cars back together is great, the 'run what you brung' idea is great and has brought out an impressive field of cars. I'm excited to be here and plan to support these events as much as possible."

Thousands of spectators jammed the facility to see this spectacle unfold and boosted from positive feedback from racers and fans alike, Graves made the decision to dedicate full time efforts to Funny Car Chaos in 2018 and expand to a four event tour this year.

"The Sunday morning after our debut event, I received so many messages and texts thanking me for hosting such a unique and fun event. I was overwhelmed with just how excited people were for this contest and it was at that point I made the decision to expand this program for 2018. There's way more Funny Cars out there than you think, but unfortunately for most, strict rules restrictions and financial requirements to meet those restrictions keep a lot of cars in the garage or limited to test and tuning or successfully booking an increasingly rare Funny Car match race. Funny Car Chaos solved that issue very simply with it's 'run whatcha' brung' rules package with emphasis solely put on safety and having fun," said Graves.

With Funny Cars of all types welcomed to attend any Funny Car Chaos event, the canvas of horsepower created in the pits is simply something you have to see in person. Everything from NHRA legal Top Alcohol Funny Cars to modern and nostalgia bodied nitro floppers to your grassroots low buck hobby racer, Funny Car Chaos gives equal opportunity to all participants and showcases why Funny Cars are the most identifiable and unpredictable drag racing machines on the planet. From fully wrapped and customized 18-wheelers to open trailers with Funny Cars literally pieced together with the parts sitting in the garage floor, you just never know what to expect. There are several cars currently in progress for 2018 competition, being built to the desires of the owners and drivers as opposed to the guidelines in a rule book.

"I want to give a home to any Funny Car racer looking to actually compete in a heads up class. Why limit and restrict these cars to death and in turn result in a low car count with fans able to easily pick between two or three racers as the likely winner. Boring! Our doors are open and we aim to pack the stands with the classic approach to Funny Car racing with huge smoky burnouts, back up girls, dry hops and throttle whackin' warm ups. We are dialed in to put the fun back in drag racing, pushing aside the egos and drama and opting for a weekend of action packed family fun at the drag strip, Funny Car style. It's Funny Cars, it's certainly a bit chaotic and it rocks!" Graves continued.

Riding the momentum from the debut event, Graves and company have expanded to secure four events this year. All the events are a little different, all the tracks have their own unique qualities, but one thing will remain the same. No rules, lots of fun and lots of Funny Cars! The tour will kick off with an 8 car field contested at Mo-Kan Dragway on April 27-28th, this the longest continuously running drag strip in Missouri. The second stop on tour will bring the return of nitromethane to historic Amarillo Dragway in Amarillo, Texas on June 1-2nd where a 16 car 'A' and 8 car 'B' field will be contested, qualifying a total of 24 cars. Central Illinois Dragway in Havana, Illinois will welcome a 16 car field of Funny Car Chaos action on July 27-28th. The tour will return to its birthplace North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas just north of Dallas on September 14-15th for a 16 car 'A' field and 8 car 'B' field totally 24 qualified cars for the main event. Each event posts a $5,000 top prize for the winner and total payouts reach close to $30,000 across the board.

"Funny Car Chaos has no rules and that applies to the entire program. Some events feature larger fields than others and that's just another unique aspect of this tour. We'll see how this year goes and if results are as expected, expansion to even more events in 2019 is certain and eyes are set on moving to the far east and west coasts to broaden the reach of Funny Car Chaos to the fans and racers who want to get in on the fun. My ultimate goal is to see a 32 car qualified field, which is possible this year at the final event of the tour at North Star Dragway," said Graves.

If you dig Funny Cars and you dig heads up racing, Funny Car Chaos is your ultimate prize. The canvas of horsepower showcased in the pits and on the track at Funny Car Chaos is unlike anything we've seen in decades and the only events in the country to showcase such a thing. Atop the Funny Car action, many additional cars and classes will be contested depending on the event location including everything from gassers, nostalgia super stockers, local bracket programs and even junior dragsters.

"If we can get the kids involved and even if just one young driver goes home with a new love for Funny Cars, we've done something. We work very hard to put together a full line-up of drag racing entertainment for the fans of Funny Car Chaos, this is an event, a phenomenon, a happening, and a movement that we hope you'll join us for. I'd like to also thank the track operators we are working with in hosting these events as well as our lead sponsors Red Line Shirt Club, Max Cackle Photos, Best of Texas BBQ Sauce, DJ Safety and Meyer Enterprises for their continued support this year. Without these track owners and marketing partners, Funny Car Chaos would still be a dream scribbled on a piece of paper sitting in a drawer, but thanks to them it has become a reality and we look forward to you joining us for the show," Graves closes.

We're very excited about what this year will bring for Funny Cars and Funny Car Chaos is ready to lead the march. To find out more about the newest thing to hit drag racing including some unique and exposure-filled marketing opportunities, visit