Day Two of the daily marathon known as Lights Out 8 hosted by South Georgia Motorsports Park outside of Valdosta, Ga., ended with an incomplete grade. A score of mishaps and engine failures pushed race officials to suspend the second session of Radial vs. The World until Friday morning at 9 AM, EST. 

Mark Woodruff, Wednesday's provisional No. 1, was one of the eight drivers who failed to get in his run, remained the top runner with his 3.835 performance. 

Ryan Martin made a leap into the second spot with a 3.840, 207.34.

Jeff Sitton ran a 3.853, 199.11 to climb into the third spot. 

In the day's scariest moment, Radial vs. The World competitor Steven Fereday suffered an overwhelming fire with his Camaro. He exited the car under his own power and suffered no obvious injuries. 

David Comstock won the war but lost the battle in Outlaw Drag Radial qualifying. Comstock, racing against Justin Swanstrom in a $5,000 match race within qualifying, ran low elapsed time of the opening session with a 4.215, 176.19, but fouled in the match race. 

Swanstrom collected the wager but was only quick enough for the third spot with a 4.255 elapsed time. 

Sandwiched in the middle of the big money match racers was Nick Yarber, whose Mustang stopped the timers second quickest with a 4.228 elapsed time. 

Ken Quartuccio jumped out to a huge lead early Outlaw 632 qualifying as he ripped off a rapid 4.295 elapsed time at 168.11 miles per hour.  Second quickest was Dominic Augustine with a 4.341, 157.85.  Kenny Hubbard was third with a 4.476.

The remainder of Q-1, including Open Comp, X275, Leaf Spring, Nitrous X and No Time until 9 AM, Friday morning with temperature permitting.