There are times in each of our lives when we are faced with challenges which appear insurmountable.

When faced with her seemingly insurmountable decision, Brittany Force's mother reminded her how simple her choice should be.

“Try,” followed by “then walk away” was the simple advice Laurie Force gave to her middle daughter, who at the time was focused on teaching fifth graders and the relaxation of racing part-time in a A/Fueler.  

Using her mother's advice, Brittany finally gave in to the insistence of her father to test drive a top fuel dragster. At the time, Brittany's thought was simple – take one run and walk away.

Then, she made her first run,

“I went to school to be a teacher,” remembered Brittany. “When you're younger, you change your mind a hundred times what you want to do career-wise. When I finally got to a Top Fuel car, made my first full pass down the racetrack, that's when I knew what I wanted to do career-wise. I fell in love with the car. I was absolutely hooked. But actually 10 years ago if you said I would have been driving a Top Fuel car, I would have said, There's no way. I drove Super Comp, I drove A Fuel. For me, I loved A/Fuel. I thought that's where I would stay.”

The rest is history all put in place by the support, the simple words, of her mother.

”She's just my biggest supporter,” replied Brittany when asked to reflect on her mother. “She's had my back through everything. I mean, she watches us every single time I'm on the racetrack. She's always right there. She always takes our side when it comes to battles between my dad and I, so that's always very nice. But she's just the greatest supporter.”

The support of this mother extended to the point if her acquiring her own license to race on the dragstrip.

“She even got in a Super Comp car and got licensed years ago, because she wanted to feel like she understood where we were coming from. I mean the fact she went out and got licensed just so she could have deeper conversations with us, really get into what we were talking about, really understand what we go through, it's pretty incredible. She's just the most amazing woman. Having her out there, having her there to celebrate was just so great.

“She's the best mom out there.”

Lauries’s husband and her other two daughters, Ashley and Courtney, agree.