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We interrupt this 500-inch Pro Stock driving career to bring you mountain motor racing.
That’s the proclamation that Matt Hartford heard late in the 2008 season. He’s heeded the call to drive the Dingman Motorsports, Wilson Manifold mountain motor Pro Stocker.
Give Hartford 320 extra cubic inches and he’s a happy camper.
“Oh yeah, believe me this is fun,” Hartford said. “Eighth mile drag racing is a driver’s game. Last night during qualifying I saw Robert Patrick put a .001 on me on the tree.”
Hartford is learning quickly mountain motor drivers can be just as tough as the guys who race with the smaller engines. He was one of six drivers competing in the inaugural race for the ADRL’s Extreme Pro Stock championship.
“The people here have been awesome and they have welcomed us with open arms,” Hartford said of the experience. “I can’t wait to run the whole season here.”
As enamored as he is with the new challenges, Hartford would return to 500-inch racing given the right opportunity. He’s running a sportsman dragster on the weekends when not racing the Pro Stocker.
“I’ve got a 500 inch motor in my dragster and that’s been beating my brains in on the weekends,” Hartford admitted. “Going from a 276-inch wheelbase to a mountain motor Pro Stock car is a handful. My hat’s off to all these guys who jump between cars. It’s definitely harder than it looks.”