Carl Stroud and the folks at Stroud Safety developed a program this season that enables various contingency sponsors on the IHRA series to sponsor a race team's entry into the event. The following is a list of the winner's and their respective sponsor.

Grand Bend
Rockingham Raceway                                        Mike Janis     PM
Quick Fuel                                                         Quain Stott    PM
Harland Sharp                                                    Pete Berner   PS
Stroud Safety                                                     Terry Micmillin  FC
Stroud Safety                                                     Brian Folks   Sportsman
Stroud Safety                                                   Mark Thomas  FC
Harland Sharp                                                  Ed Hoover        PM
Rockingham Dragway                                       Burton Auxier   PM
Quick Fuel                                                       John Monticalvo  PS
Stroud Safety                                                                   Terry Monroe    FC
Trick Wiring                                                                     John Foster      FC
Harlan Sharp                                                                    Brian Gahm      PS
Rockingham Dragway                                                       Jerry Haas        PS
Quick Fuel                                                                       Harold Martin    PM
Sponsor                                                                           Winner-Sportsman
Stroud Safety                                                                   Gil Brannan

Stroud Safety                                                                   Fred Tiggs                    FC
Rockingham Dragway                                                       Dennis Radford             PM
Harlan Sharp                                                                   Frank Gugliota               PS
Quick Fuel                                                                      Shannon Jenkins           PM
Pro Mod Source .com                                                             Carl Speirling                 PM
Rockingham Dragway                                                          Ed Hoover                   PM
Stroud Safety                                                                      Larry Dobbs                FC
Quick Fuel                                                                          Rick Jones                  PS
Pro Mod                                                                  Burton Auxier               PM
Trick Wiring                                                                         Harold Martin              PM
Harlan Sharp                                                                       Tony Gilig                    PS
Stroud Safety                                                                    Dave Elrod
Harlan Sharp                                                                       Pete Berner        PS
Pro Mod                                                           Dennis Radford    PM
Trick Wiring                                                                        John Monticalvo   PS
Rockingham Dragway                                                          Carl Spiering        PM
Quick Fuel                                                                          Jim Haulsey         PM
Stroud Safety                                                                      Terry McMillian     FC

Stroud Safety                                                                       Ron Folk