Fox & Friends showed Junior Dragster footage from Numidia Dragway in Pennsylvania during Friday morning's show and appeared astonished when it was mentioned the youth drivers reach speeds as fast as 75 miles per hour. Co-host Lauren Green asked her fellow team members after questioning the safety of the children, "Do you think these kids have any driver's education?"

Steve Doocy responded, "They're only eight years old, what do you think?"

The conversation went on to mention the cars were essentially go-karts that resembled dragsters. After a few chuckles and joking comments, Lauren concluded, "It's only drag racing."

Not one time in the conversation was it ever mentioned this program was designed to discourage youth street racing and despite the fact it was mentioned the ages for the program ranged from 8 to 16, the anchors latched on to the eight-year old minimum as the focus of their conversation.

The video footage used repeatedly showed the children in full safety equipment.