Donna Price, wife of Bart Price, was rushed to Stanford Medical Center Hospital tonight for emergency surgery. Donna and Bart own the PiranaZ Pro Stock Pontiac GTO driven by Greg Stanfield in NHRA competition.

Donna, who had major heart surgery two years ago, is doing well. “We are all hoping for the best," said Bart. More news will be passed on as it becomes available.

The Prices will not be in Pennsylvania for the NHRA event this weekend, but it will be business as usual for Stanfield and his crew.

Update - 11:30 EST: Bart Price notified Torco's that his wife Donna came through heart surgery with flying colors. Evidently, the pacemaker that was installed after her previous surgery malfunctioned, and surgeons were forced to replace the broken unit.

“I woke up this morning and Donna was in some distress,” said bart Price. “Evidently the malfunctioned unit was going off repeatedly and sending shocks through Donna. I immediately called for an ambulance, and they took her to the hospital where it was determined that they would have to replace the unit. Donna is resting comfortably at this time, and the surgeons said that the procedure went so well that she should be able to go home no later than Saturday."

Bart wanted to thank the racing community for all their thoughts and well wishes. The Prices will be back at the races very soon. Mike Aiello