Flatout Group has completed a merger to form Flatout Group, LLC. This will allow for the continued expansion of the Flatout Gasket product line into the traditional and further into performance automotive arenas. Established in 1998, Flatout Group has been manufacturing Performance, Original Equipment and Aftermarket automotive gaskets since 2000 and is also known for their quality metal fabrication business. “With engines evolving, we saw the importance of enhancing our capabilities moving  towards rubber molded/carrier based gaskets,” said Mark Adelizzi, President of Flatout Group.“Vertical integration and quality is just the beginning of what our additional resources will bring to us, Adelizzi added.  “With our one-stop shopping approach, Flatout Gaskets will now be able to offer the aftermarket consumer these benefits." 

New Flatout Gaskets Manufacturing Features:

  • Total in-house product/mold design, development and fabrication for steel or plastic carrier based, rubber molded gaskets.

  • Total in-house manufacturing from all aspects of design to production.

  • Quality assurance to the highest standards of ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000

  • Material technology options, offering emerging technologies that are all leading edge. LIM & heat cured silicone rubber, FKM, nitrile and plastic molding.

Along with the merger, plans are to build a technology center in Northern Illinois to house all aspects of product development, testing and manufacturing under one roof.Flatout Gaskets and Flatout Fabrications also feature products manufactured for all forms of motorsports and other industries, including automotive and heavy–duty. Flatout also produces fabricated sheet metal products and custom machine components. High and low volume die cutting, abrasive waterjet machining, stamping, forming and welding all are specialties at Flatout!Their corporate phone, fax and internet contact info will remain the same.The 2006 Flatout Gaskets catalog which was released earlier this year is available and covers popular performance aftermarket engine applications. A wide ranging selection of (RCC) Rubber Coated Copper and SaberSeal MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets, intake and header gaskets are offered. Flatout also specializes in low volume and custom gasket applications that are available to enthusiasts, racers and engine builders.To checkout the Flatout Group website or their on-line gasket catalog, please go to: www.flatoutgroup.com