NHRA 4WideNationals 4cFor the first time in Drag Racing History, Four JR Dragsters will be racing 4 wide with all four drivers being teenage girls.  The winner of the Four Wide Challenge will then return to race a second time. This time it will be against Three Mello Yello Drivers who came up from the ranks of JR Dragsters and are now getting back in the Summit JR Dragster League Dragsters to promote kids in racing.
This event will mark the first time Summit JR Dragster League dragsters have competed during a NHRA televised 4 Wide Event.  This also marks the first time Professional Drivers will step back in the ranks to challenge the kids on the JR Dragster level.

The four teenage girls will be competing for the chance to race the professionals. The Jr Dragster Drivers are Maddie Lee and Rachel Flowers, from South Carolina, Angelica Severance and Treasure Severance from North Carolina. Treasure Severance states “I’m nervous about just getting past the other Summit JR Dragster League driver’s so I can go against the Mello Yello Driver’s.” The three Professional drivers’ from the Mello Yello Series will be the Dote Racing/Gumout Top Fuel dragster driver Leah Pritchett, the Monroe/Gates Funny Car driver Blake Alexander and J.R. Todd the driver of the Casedholed Solutions Top Fuel Dragster.

The racing will be a heads up race by the four girls on the first run with the winner racing the Mello Yello Drivers heads up also.

Katie Hall and Chad Logan will be on hand displaying the additional levels of the Summit JR Dragster League in the display area.  This area will be set up for spectators to engage with the young drivers and families giving everyone the ability to find out more about the Summit JR Dragster League division of the NHRA.

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