Written by Bobby Bennett; Photo by Dace Reid.

grima sunThe Australian Pro Stock fans got way more than they paid for at the FUCH's Winternationals outside of Brisbane.

The record-setting Sunday began with a historic 7.102 seconds during their final qualifying session and the second-quickest unofficial Pro Stock run in ANDRA series history.

The record bump spot saw some star racers left on the outside looking in, including crowd favorites Rob Tucker and Kirsten Tucker-Cannuli, who were part of a world-first at Willowbank Raceway as the only father, daughter and son (Kirsten’s brother and 2012 Winternationals Pro Stock winner Shane Tucker) combo to all compete in the same professional bracket at the same event.

Jason Grima continued his good form from the start of the event and continued by eliminating Emilio Spinozzi in round one. Joining him will be Wayne Daley (Lee Bektash), Tyronne Tremyne (Ian Brown), Aaron Tremayne (Denis Whiting), Shane Tucker (Michael Ali), Rick Chilton (Scott Porter), Chris Soldatos (Bill Kotsias) and American Brandon Huhtala (John Barbagallo).

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