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Nobile qualifying

Prior to the start of the ADRL Simply Phones U.S. Drags VI, John Nobile joked that he and Bear's Performance team owner Larry O'Brien would be hoping his son, NHRA Pro Stock star Vincent Nobile, would make the old guys look good as Vince made his Extreme Pro Stock debut at Virginia Motorsports Park.

The 21-year-old delivered in only his second run down the track in one of the mountain-motored cars.

Nobile's first pass as a guest driver in O'Brien's 825 c.i Hemi-powered 2010 Avenger resulted in the six-time NHRA winner crossing the center line from left to right just ahead of Brad Waddle, who fortunately had shut down early with tire shake off the line in the debut of his brand-new 2013 Mustang.

"I felt the car move right as soon as it got going, so I did what I'd normally do in my NHRA car and grabbed second gear to settle it down, but this thing had so much torque and power that it just took off on me," Nobile recalled. "It's so different from the 500-inch (NHRA) cars; it just sets you back in the seat and keeps pulling. You can really feel the speed; it's probably going eight or nine miles an hour faster at the eighth mile."

Lined up in the right lane for round two alongside Hintz, Nobile again went to the right off the start, but this time he was ready for it and manhandled the Dodge away from the wall and stayed with it to post a 4.115 at 173.87 that placed him sixth and set up a match against class veteran Richard Penland in round one of racing.

"I actually shut it off a little early on that run," Nobile said. "It's too bad we lost (testing) yesterday to all that rain because we could've sorted all this out, but I think I'm starting to get a handle on it. Hopefully we can go a few rounds tomorrow because this sure is fun." 

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