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Winternationals Saturday C 1486

Winternationals Sat Dave 2348As seasoned a driver as John Zappia is Saturday’s qualifying run against point leader Peter Kapiris put him on the edge of his driving seat. Never mind Zappia recorded the quickest run in Top Doorslammer drag racing history at 5.753 seconds, it was the up-close-and personal moment with Kapiris and his Saratoga which immediately caught his attention.

“That was a very scary run,” admitted Zappia. “The car took off well, and it got down there pretty fast. There was dust in the car and I couldn’t see too well. I started drifting towards the center line and then he started moving over and we got close. I went in deep and wasn’t sure where the finish line was.”

Kapiris, who entered the event leading Zappia by 100 points, has yet to make a full run in two qualifying attempts. The first run resulted in crossing the centerline and taking out the cones. The second was more of the same.

Zappia, who is challenging for another championship, recalled the run in detail. 

“I was probably 250 or 260 when I got on the chutes at the finish line,” said Zappia. “Pete came over, smoking the tires and on the brakes … missing me by four inches. It scared the bejesus out of me.”

Mark Belleri stepped up to second with a 5.913 while Stuart Bishop and Ben Bray rounded out the top half of the show.

Martyn Dack was on the bubble with a 6.033.


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