Written by Bobby Bennett; Photo by Dave Reid.


Winternationals Sat Dave 2400 If at first you don’t succeed, try again. This advice worked well for Top Fuel racer Phil Lamattina as he drove his FUCH’s-sponsored dragster to the No. 1 qualifying position during the second day of qualifications at the FUCH’s ANDRA Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway in Brisbane, Australia.

Lamattina recorded a 4.610-second run at 331.04 miles per hour to score the provisional No. 1 position after breaking on his first qualifying attempt.

Lamattina was just happy testing efforts have begun to pay off.

“We’ve been working on this for a while,” said Lamattina. “We’ve had a lot of bad luck in the last two rounds with the clutch area. We know we’ve had a car - we just haven’t been able to prove it. This race meeting is pretty special for us because of our association with FUCH’s. To be able to run a 4.61 and 331 is great.”

The first run served more as an inspiration than a frustration.

“I’ve been around the sport long enough to know you cannot let that stuff bother you,” said Lamattina. “It might have been a better run earlier, but we have room to tune for tomorrow.”

Qualifying continues Sunday with two more sessions scheduled. These are two more sessions for Lamattina to up the ante.

“We really have nothing to lose at the moment,” said Lamattina. “If the conditions are right, we will have a go. We just have to condition ourselves for race day. We’ll have a go of it.”

Darren Morgan, the defending ANDRA Top Fuel champion and current point leader, was second with a 4.738.


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