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beckman hawleyThe resumes of Frank Hawley and Jack Beckman speak for themselves.

Hawley won NHRA nitro Funny Car world championships in 1982 and ’83. Beckman won an NHRA Super Comp world title in 2003 and a nitro Funny Car championship in 2012.

What’s more, Hawley has run his renowned Frank Hawley Drag Racing School since 1985 and Beckman has been involved with Hawley’s school since 1996 as an instructor/consultant.

Hawley and Beckman have taught over 20,000 drivers and given a thousand lectures.

They, however, have never spoken together, but this will change on March 15 in Gainesville, Fla.

Hawley and Beckman are holding a joint seminar at 7 p.m. Eastern Time at the Best Western Gateway Grand hotel. The fee for the seminar is $59 and space is limited. To make a reservation, call 866-480-7223 or visit the website at www.frankhawley.com.

“This seminar certainly is not going to talk about how to drive a race car,” said Hawley, whose drag racing school is headquartered in Gainesville. “It is going to talk about how human beings perform and what are their physical capabilities? And are we leaving anything on the table. What can you control? And what can’t you control? How can you take better control over your day-to-day situations or other general things in your life. We have been teaching this stuff and lecturing on this stuff for years. The stuff we have talked about people seemed to enjoy and we wanted to give it a try to have a lecture for the evening away from the race track where people can relax and it is not just for racers but fans as well and we will see how it goes.”

Beckman is thrilled to be a part of this joint seminar with Hawley.

“He and I have been talking about trying to do something like this the last couple of years since I stopped being full-time at the school,” Beckman said. “The biggest roadblock has always been our two schedules. This is a great opportunity to do this right in his backyard. I can’t wait to be a part of this. For one, I love teaching and I think we have some wonderful bits of knowledge to import to people. I also love listening to Frank.”

Hawley also is hopeful this joint seminar with Beckman isn’t a one- time event.

“We are going to give this a shot and see what type of feedback there is,” Hawley said. “We are always open to opportunities and doing other things, but right now we are pretty focused on just putting together a nice program on March 15.”

Through feedback Hawley has been able to better understand the impact of his lectures.

“It is a hard thing to describe because over the years, I have had people come back and comment about the lectures, which I originally thought were about racing, and they say things like they get along better with co-workers or I manage my people better or I find I do not get angry at silly little things like I used to. People have also told me their golf game has improved. It started to become obvious to me that we were talking more about an individual person and how they think, act and behave. Different people will take different things from our lecture and we usually try and laugh a little bit, and it should be a fun night.”

Beckman, who received his Top Alcohol license at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in 1997, has benefitted first-hand from Hawley’s lectures.

“I always thought I was a logical thinking driver,” Beckman said. “Sitting down and listening to Frank give one of his lectures at a seminar, he puts things in such an easy to understand format and he says things in such a way that the light bulb just goes on, it just clicks. I would not have won either one of my world championships if it wasn’t for going through his school. I absolutely think my success on the race track has been an extension of the things I have absorbed from the program, and I mean from the student’s perspective and the teacher’s perspective. The great thing is that Frank brings a wealth of knowledge and a logical presentation like nobody I have ever heard. I think what I bring in is the practice what you preach mentality, showing that everything is relevant. It works today. It works in a Super Comp car and it works in a nitro Funny Car.”


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