Written by Bobby Bennett; Photos by Khalid Saif.

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tutterow 02Of all the vast areas and field where Todd Tutterow has succeeded throughout his racing career, he had never been behind the wheel of a legal weight Outlaw 10.5 car before this winter.

Five weeks is all it took for the jack-of-all-trades to become an expert in one more class.

Tutterow proved yet again as long as whatever he’s competing in has wheels he can drive it. Tutterow wrapped up a perfect winter in the Arabian Drag Racing League in a 2010 Al-Anabi Racing Corvette with five wins in five races and the series championship in Outlaw 10.5.

The feat might seem unfathomable, unless you consider the driver is Todd Tutterow.

“I felt like I could come out and run good with it. I had done a little tuning for Chuck Ulsch and had some good success, so it wasn’t like I was going to be in the dark,” Tutterow said. “I knew the direction I wanted to go.

“It worked out well. The car ran exceptionally well and it was very consistent.”

Tutterow credited Extreme Race Cars for a car that ran well time and time again, and for this feat he credited his team comprised of Brad Schmidt and Scott Bertinotti.

Tutterow became the first driver in a true Outlaw 10.5 to break the 3-second mark, going as quick as 3.98 in testing, all in a class he had never raced and in a car he had never driven.

In fact, Tutterow didn’t even know he would be making the trip to Qatar until Sheik KH Al-Thani sent out the invite less than a month before the season started.

“We had switched the car from a nitrous to a blower, but there really wasn’t any talk of me driving it at first. At the last minute KH talked me into driving it and that’s what we did,” Tutterow said. “It ended up working out.”

Despite no longer being officially sponsored by Al-Anabi Racing, Tutterow has maintained a strong relationship with Al-Thani, which was  evident during the five-week Arabian Drag Racing League season.

Before arriving in Qatar, Tutterow spend two weeks in Dubai working with Bader Ali on the sand drags/hill climb series. Of course, Ali won, giving Tutterow plenty of momentum as he headed to the Qatar Racing Club.

Tutterow reset the Outlaw 10.5 record four times, starting with a 4.03 and going 4.017, 4.011 and finally 4.003 to cap off an incredible run.

“We tweaked a lot of things on the car,” Tutterow said. “We did a lot of tweaking things in different directions. I’d say we made 65 runs and we learned a lot in that time.”

Most importantly, the vast amount of knowledge Tutterow gained can be applied to everything he drives in 2013, including cars in Pro Extreme and Pro Modified.

“You’re able to use that info in a lot of places. That data we gained can be carried over to anything and that was worth a lot,” Tutterow said. “If I’m not learning every time I go down the track, I’m not doing my job.”

Tutterow’s learning curve continues to be impressive, which is a major reason why success continues to follow him.

The next chapter in 2013 is a big one as Tutterow takes plenty of momentum into the X-DRL and ADRL seasons after wins in five straight weeks in Qatar.

Tutterow joined Galot Motorsports for the 2013 campaign and will be racing in a class still to be determined at the ADRL event in Rockingham next week.

From there, Tutterow hopes to debut his lightweight turbocharged car at the X-DRL opener in Tulsa, which doesn’t leave for much free time.

Then again, that’s just the way Tutterow likes it.

“It’s been non-stop for us since the last ADRL race (in 2012). We’re getting everything ready for the turbo car, but everything feels good going into the first part of the season,” Tutterow said. “We got another championship, and going to Qatar was a very good experience.

“I’d rather be busy and not have any down time. There’s always so much stuff that can be done.”


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