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Motorsports Unlimited FileMike Janis Racing has added Motorsports Unlimited Performance Parts Distributors to their sponsor roster for the 2013 racing season.  Motorsports Unlimited will be added to the growing list of partners at MJR starting at the NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida March 15th-17th when the team hits the track with their brand new 2013 Chevy Camaro built by Race Car Specialties.
"To add another great partner to the MJR family really speaks volumes for what it is our organization stands for" said Mike Janis Jr., GM/Crew Chief at MJR.  "We have been very good friends with Motorsports Unlimited owner Ken Juszczyk for a number of years.  Ken has seen the potential of our program and the amount of value we add to each of our partners.  He continues to look for ways to help his business prosper and grow; and decided this would be the perfect fit to do just that.  We could not be happier!"
“Competition within the performance industry and on the track is more intense than ever” said Ken Juszcyzk, Owner/President of Motorsports Unlimited.  “Racing budgets are under serious attack from every funding source.  However the pressure to perform and excel never changes.  Here at Motorsports Unlimited we embrace that same kind of pressure every day in order to excel for our customers.  Our “Race” is to identify and distribute the BEST parts and the RIGHT parts for our customers.  Giving our racers an edge in both performance and VALUE is our Mission at Motorsports Unlimited, and customer support and service is my personal signature” said Juszcyzk.
"Kenny lives and breathes motorsports" said Mike Janis, Owner/Driver at MJR."  "He is really what this sport is all about.  Kenny takes great pride in servicing his customers all around the world and he understands the hardships that go along with this sport.  We are always bouncing ideas of each other’s heads when it comes to our valve train combination and just racing in general.  He works with us on our combinations until we are happy enough with it to the point where we can then sell the products to our customers.  We are excited about this partnership and the measurable results we will deliver for Motorsports Unlimited.  2013 is going to be a great year for everyone involved with MJR” said an elated Janis.


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