tom and bob Tom Martino and Bob Benza would like the racing community to know there’s a new player in the engine building game, MB Race Engines.

Good friends for the past 32 years, and racing partners since 2006, Martino and Benza decided to pool their years of business and racing experience and concentrate their efforts on growing a competitive race engine business. The last two years in particular have been very busy for the duo with the opening of a brand new, state of the art engine facility in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

“Tom had been very successful building his own Pro Stock engines since 1997, and I had been running my own Pro Stock car for quite a while,” Benza said. “About two years ago we made the decision to take our partnership to the next level by starting MB Race Engines.”

Martino and Benza immediately saw the rewards of their efforts, and this past season they decided the timing was perfect to move forward and grow their business even further. In February, they opened the doors to a new shop complete with a brand new, state of the art SuperFlow Dyno along with a SoundMaster dyno room.

With the move, the pair is only scratching the surface of the partnership’s potential.

“Our Pro Stock engine program has made serious strides. I don’t think we’ve come close to seeing what we’re capable of,” added Benza.

Benza said the engine business has already built a strong sportsman base with customers in Comp, Super Stock, and Stock. They even have a strong following of fast bracket type engines such as Top Dragster and Top Sportsman.

This early success has already spawned interest in the professional ranks.

12-14-12MBRaceEnginesDisplay2“We work with a handful of Sportsman racers and we hope to have at least two and possibly three Pro Stock customers next season,” said Benza. “In fact, we hope to have some exciting news to share very soon.”

The duo doesn’t plan to stop with the engine program.

“We are certain that our performance in Pro Stock will pay dividends,” added Benza. “Hopefully our performance will start to speak for itself and, coupled with the success we have already had, will allow us to start building our customer base. Beyond that, anything is possible.”

The two understand that building competitive Pro Stock engines can be a gargantuan task, and Benza is quick to point out he and Martino are ready to attack the challenge head on.

“It is a challenge, but we are certainly up to it,” Benza said. “We built a great facility and we have forged on full steam ahead with a research and development program headed by Bob Cave.”

Cave, Benza adds, brings horsepower credentials to the operation including land speed records from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, as well as extensive and successful Pro Stock engine building experience.

“Expectation-wise, we are very optimistic,” Benza said about the upcoming season. “We are going to put our best foot forward.”

To find out more about MB Race Engines, visit their website at The company also has active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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