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scruggsIn the coming days outlaw Pro Modified racer Jason Scruggs expects organized eighth-mile drag racing to be on solid footing.

Scruggs, an iconic doorslammer racer dating back to early days of the American Drag Racing League, along with four other investors, is poised to announce a new series in 2014. The recently announced National Drag Racing Association is said, according to sources, to be on hold and presently will support this new series by running events at their tracks.

Scruggs and his associates, Gene Hector (Small Block Mafia), Roger Henson (Pro Extreme team owner) and Pro Nitrous racer Tommy Franklin, plan to put in the rearview mirror a season of turmoil in this niche market of racing ripped apart by racer loyalty division, unpaid purses and bounced checks.

“We will give it another name other than ADRL,” Scruggs confirmed.

However, if Scruggs wanted to use the name he could. Scruggs was one of those who provided front money to Kenny Nowling to repurchase the ADRL brand from Sheik Khalid Al-Thani and Al-Anabi. Scruggs declined to discuss the specifics of the financial arrangements. Sources close to the situation confirm the promissory note came due on December 1, 2013, and as of this posting has not been paid.

“We do have access to the name, but we are going to get away from it,” Scruggs said. “We are in the process of making a press release announcing our schedule and tracks.” has learned the likely name for the new organization will be the Professional Drag Racing Association, and the schedule is expected to have two dates at Rockingham Dragway, along with possible stops in Martin, Mich., Memphis, Tenn., Tulsa, Ok, Richmond, Va., and Valdosta, Ga.

“It will be racer owned and racer operated, and will be a strong series,” Scruggs said. “The classes will be similar to what we ran in the ADRL, and as sponsorship becomes available we may add classes down the road.”

The current line-up includes Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous, along with Mountain Motor Pro Stock, Motorcycle, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster divisions. Another class consisting of roots blower-equipped and turbocharged cars will also be contested, replacing what has been an NHRA legal Pro Modified division.

“We are just working out the details,” Scruggs said. “We understand this will be a challenge and will probably lose money in the first year. We are going to try and grow it and reestablish credibility. We are not going to try to eat off of this, and if we do make money down the road, we plan to put it right back into the series for the racers.”

And this, Scruggs believes, is what is needed to achieve a solid footing.



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