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DSC 9299Back in 1984, Bob Brockmeyer introduced the CompuLink Timing Systems at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colo. CompuLink remains NHRA’s official timing equipment provider.  

This weekend at NHRA’s Mile-High Nationals, Brockmeyer, the Compulink founder, will test a new infra-red wall technology that may change the way timing is done in NHRA’s future.

The new system will start from the front of dragsters, Funny Cars and motorcycles.

“I have been testing and working on this infra-red wall for quite some time, about five years,” said Brockmeyer whose CompuLink Timing Systems company is based is Silverthorne, Colo., which is one hour west of Morrison. “We actually used a similar version of it with ADRL cars at several events last year and some this year. It is new technology and I think it will be the starting technology of the future. It will make things a whole different ball game.”

Brockmeyer said he will test the new infra-red wall technology in the right lane-only at Bandimere Speedway Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday.

“We will be testing Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock bikes,” Brockmeyer said. “We will be getting data off all of the cars. What this infra-red wall technology does is it starts the timer off the very front end of the car instead of the wheel like we have had for years. It will become a whole different method of timing if it works right and I think it will. I just have to get some data this weekend and see if it is something we want to pursue or not.”

Brockmeyer addressed how NHRA’s uses the CompuLink system now.

“There is a pre-stage, stage lock, stage beam and guard beam,” Brockmeyer said. “It works off the front wheel of the car now. The new infra-red wall technology works off the front of the body of the car. It will change the whole ball game of how we do things. There are a lot of variables we will have to look at. We are going to gather data and just to see if it does what I think it will do. There are multiple things we are looking for out of it. If it does what we want we will continue on and make it a viable option.”

Brockmeyer said the new infra-red wall technology will have no impact on timing at the finish line at Bandimere.

“We have two major projects that I have had sitting on the self for about five years,” Brockmeyer said. “We are going to bring the starting line deal out first, and the finish line deal out second. We will have a whole different deal for the finish line. We might tinker with the finish line project some before that (the starting line deal is done).”

Brockmeyer said he is only testing the new infra-red wall technology at Bandimere in NHRA right now.

“This is our home track,” Brockmeyer said.

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