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Mack McElwee and Kris Fewell returned to victory lane during the NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels race at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis and shared the wins with their families in the winner’s circle.

Fewell took home the win in the 9.0 Index class when he was able to defeat Rex Simmermaker in the final round.  Fewell got the best of Simmermaker, who red lit, with a run of 8.988 seconds at 149.56 in his 1969 Camaro with a reaction time of .013.  Following the race he was able to share in the victory with three very special people in his life, his children Paige, and Shelby, his less than 12 week old son Jacob and his wife Tangody.

“This is actually my first win that my wife has been able to see because a lot of times she is stuck at home taking care of my family so I can come out and she is good enough like that.  First win with the new baby here, first win with my wife here, actually my third win in a four week period out here so I’m pretty happy,” he said following the event.  “I’ve been out here for four to four and a half years and it took me that long to really kinda learn what it is a about and getting that information to get a win and I have to thank Jason from VP Fuels for helping me out.”

This was the third time McElwee has won the Ultimate Dragster 10.5 category during the NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels event this summer and was once again joined at the end of the night with his family by his side.  His brother ‘Buzz’ has been tuning his car during this incredible season has found a combination that suits both the driver and the track.

“To be able to race with family and friends Tom, John, Shan, Taylor, unfortunately my son couldn’t be here this weekend but it is just such a fun thing to do with the heads up program there is no other way to go racing with a hot rod like this,” said McElwee following the event.  “It is just like my brother said, this thing is like a video game for him to be able to tune it, tickle it, make it run and I’m just the lucky one to be able to mash the gas pedal and make it go.”

Taking the win in the newly created 8.0 Index class was long time Lucas Oil Raceway veteran racer, Greg Gaskin.  He was able to use his knowledge of the track and the conditions to beat a tough field including Amber Agan and Edd Harney.

“This has been my home track for a long time and is a great place to race and I was talking with Kurt and this is a change away from bracket racing with the index and the four tenths tree, the heads up and it gets you on your game plan, you have to be on the fast and I really enjoyed it,” he said at the end of the night.  :I’d like to thank Indy RV Sales, Bill Carter with Automotion Racecars my wife Lisa, my family my grandson, my daughter and son in law.”

Other category winners included, Bill Lutz in Outlaw Promod; Dave Hinzman in Outlaw Limited Street; Jason Lee in True Street; Kenny Robinson in 10.0 Index and Ron Butz in 11.0 Index.

Fans were also treated to some incredible drifting, exhibition passes by Bob Vandergriff Jr. in his Top Fuel dragster and Kevin Neal running and incredible 4.738 second pass in True Street on 275 radial tires which was the fastest nitrous pass in the world.

The next NAPA Friday Nite Rage presented by VP Fuels will be on Sept. 9th.

Outlaw Pro Mod
Winner: Bill Lutz, Canal Winshester, OH, ’69 Camaro – 4.287, 191.05 mph, .308 reaction time
Runner-Up: Ryan Beavans, Poneto, IN, ’02 S10 – 5.404, 96.13 mph, .012 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Bill Lutz, 4.054, 190.83
Low E. T.: Bill Lutz, 4.054
Top Speed: Bill Lutz, 192.69
Ultimate Dragster 10.5
Winner: Mark McElwee, Port St. Lucie, 05 Ironman – 4.031, 181.79, .089 reaction time
Runner-Up:  Craig Sullivan, Avon, IN, 11 American – 4.336, 165.74, .012 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Mark McElwee, 4.056, 182.26
No. 1 Qualifier: Mark McElwee, 4.031
Top Speed: Mark McElwee, 182.26

Outlaw Limited Street
Winner: Dave Hinzman, Olmsted Falls, OH, ’87 Mustang - 4.836, 157.45, .068
Runner-Up: Kevin Giblin Hillsboro, MO, ’69 Nova
No. 1 Qualifier: J.W. Kinzer, 4.676, 173.90
Low E. T.: Dave Hinzman, 3.315
Top Speed: J.W. Kinzer, 173.90
True Street
Winner: Jason Lee, Maurice, OH ’86 Mustang – 5.072, 143.87 mph, .061 reaction time
Runner-Up: Darren Hilterbran, Tipp City, OH ’90 Mustang – 5.327, 141.40 mph, .092 reaction ime
No. 1 Qualifier: Jason Lee, 4.931, 145.67
Low E. T.: Jason Lee, 4.931
Top Speed: Jason Lee, 4.931, 145.86
8.0 Index
Winner: Greg Gaskin, Indianapolis, IN, ’09 Dragster, 7.503, 175.66, -.006 reaction time
Runner-Up: Ed Johnson, Whiteland, IN, ’04 Racecraft, – 8.048, 163.08 mph, -.008 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Donnie Emerson, 8.017, 162.72

9.0 Index
Winner: Kris Fewell, Waldron, IN, ’69 Camaro – 8.988, 149.56, .013 reaction time
Runner-Up: Rex Simmermaker, Brownsburg, IN, ’67 Camaro – 9.045, 147.33, -.005 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Ron Wheatley, 9.007, 138.47

10.0 Index
Winner: Kenny Robinson, Greentown, IN, ’67 Fairlane – 10.085, 128.51 mph, .002 reaction time
Runner-Up: Greg Hillyer, Plainfield, IN, ’68 Mustang – 10.012, 132.24, .085 reaction time
No. 1 Qualifier: Dennis Woody, 10.008, 132.92

11.0 Index
Winner: Ron Butz, Indianapolis, IN ’70 Buick – 11.002, 117.63 - .015 reaction time
Runner-Up: Billy Fields, Shelbyville, IN ’86 Camaro – 11.002, 115.86
No. 1 Qualifier: Louis Weatherford, Jr. 11.012, 110.64