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John and Josh Dalrymple of Sunnyside, Wash., shared the winner’s circle as father and son for the Lordco Auto Parts NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing event at Div6_Northwest-4cMission Raceway Park.  Josh was up first for the final in Super Street where he drove his ’67 Camaro to the win over Jess Dale, Bonney Lake, Wash., and his ’70 Dart.  Then it was up to Dad and his ’04 Super Gas Corvette.  John clocked in at 10.108 seconds at 131.86 mph for the win over Greg Hehr, Ravensdale, Wash., and the opportunity to share the winner’s circle with his son.

In the alcohol classes it was Ray Martin and Steve Gasparrelli taking the wins in dragster and funny car respectively.  Martin made the trip down from Anchorage, Ala., and qualified No. 1 in this his first race ever.  He then went on to beat Joey Severance to start his racing career with a win and take home his first NHRA “Wally” trophy.  Martin beat Ashley Bart, Calgary, Alb., in round one and had a bye run in the semifinals.

Gasparrelli, West Covina, Calif., came from the No. 2 qualifying spot to face Dave Germain and Brian Hough in rounds 1 and 2 to advance to the final against Clint Thompson who qualified No. 1.  Gasparrelli left first and never looked back clocking in at 5.712 seconds at 255.89 mph.  Thompson spun the tries at the hit of the throttle and slowed to a 7.019 second lap.

Local racer Rick McKinney, Richmond, B.C., won in Super Stock over Charlene, Gullett, Calgary, Alb., with Surrey, B.C., racer Al Omond taking the win and the trophy in the Sportsman Motorcycle Series presented by Harley Davidson.

In Comp Eliminator Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., put his ’10 Cobalt in the winner’s circle beating Jirka Kaplan, Calgary, Alb., and his ’27 Ford while Dallas Glenn, Covington, Wash., won in his ’96 Corvette against Dave Rastad of Maple Ridge, B.C.

Rounding out the winner’s list this past weekend were Emmett McKillop, Lynnwood, Wash., in Super Comp; Robert Matthews, Gig Harbor, Wash., in Top Sportsman over Craig Cawte, Cranbrook, B.C; Paul Nero, Eugene, Ore., beating Stefan Kondolay, Chilliwack, B.C; and Al Chinn of Auburn, Wash., in Super Pro with his ’64 Nova.

Northwest Division racers head to Spokane County Raceway for the next NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event, June 17-19.

The following are the final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Lordco Auto Parts event at Mission Raceway Park:

Round 1

2) Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., 5.329, 264.62 def. 5) Greg Sereda, Spruce Grove, Alb., 5.540, 257.95
3) Don St. Arnaud, Edmonton, Alb., 5.379, 269.54 def. 4) Brent Murray, Nanaimo, B.C., 7.307, 125.55
1) Ray Martin, Anchorage, Alaska, 5.294, 267.45 def. 6) Ashley Bart, Calgary, Alb., 20.930, 29.32
Martin, 5.347, 264.93 was unopposed
Severance, 5.364, 261.17 def. St. Arnaud, 5.458, 267.45
Martin, 6.347, 152.85 def. Severance, 16.242, 64.33
Round 1
3) Brian Hough, Junction City, Ore., '11 Mustang, 5.706, 251.25 def. 4) Ken Webster, Red Deer, Alb., '10 Monte Carlo, 5.834, 251.81
2) Steve Gasparrelli, W. Covina, Calif., '11 Monte Carlo, 5.750, 255.02 def. 5) Dave Germain, Toledo, Wash., '02 Firebird, broke
1) Clint Thompson, Klamath Falls, Ore., '11 Monte Carlo, 5.726, 254.66 def. 6) John Evanchuk, Edmonton, Alb., '10 Monte Carlo, 5.720, 253.16
Gasparrelli, 5.682, 256.84 def. Hough, 5.716, 250.83
Thompson, 6.456, 170.61 was unopposed
Gasparrelli, 5.712, 255.89 def. Thompson, 7.019, 152.05
Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., '10 Cobalt, B/SMA, 8.079, 166.23 def. Jirka Kaplan, Calgary, Alb., '27 Ford, AA/AM, 6.540, 173.64.
Rick McKinney, Richmond, B.C., '84 Cutlass, SS/LA, 10.848, 116.76 def. Charlene Gullett, Calgary, Alb., '85 Cutlass, GT/JA, 10.510, 124.68.
Dallas Glenn, Covington, Wash., '96 Corvette, C/SA, 10.614, 113.79  def. David Rastad, Maple Ridge, B.C., '80 Malibu, L/SA, 12.083, 106.59.
Emmett McKillop, Lynnwood, Wash., dragster, 8.947, 165.92  def. Rick Dearinger, Port Angeles, Wash., dragster, 8.962, 171.10.
John Dalrymple, Sunnyside, Wash., '04 Corvette, 10.108, 131.86 def. Greg Hehr, Ravensdale, Wash., '90 Camaro, 10.906, 105.07.
Josh Dalrymple, Sunnyside, Wash., '67 Camaro, 12.589, 86.95 def. Jess Dale, Bonney Lake, Wash., '70 Dart, broke.
Al Omond, Surrey, B.C., '97 Kawasaki, 8.419, 146.17 def. Doug Rathbun, Oak Harbor, Wash., '74 Kawasaki, 8.582, 151.66.
Robert Matthews, Gig Harbor, Wash., '67 Nova, 7.515, 176.78 def. Craig Cawte, Cranbrook, B.C., '68 Camaro, broke.

Paul Nero, Eugene, Ore., dragster, 7.323, 176.64 def. Stefan Kondolay, Chilliwack, B.C., dragster, 7.594, 167.13.
Al Chinn, Auburn, Wash., '64 Nova, 9.459, 137.82 def. Rusty Stevenson, Fort St. John, B.C., dragster, 7.847, 166.60.


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