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01_06_2011_dotcoms_winnersEach year, since 1999, has conducted its annual Dot Com Awards as a means of allowing race fans and readers of the Internet magazine to select the best [and worst] of the recently completed season.

The winners we are about to announce are 100-percent reader VOTED achievements. This year produced an incredible year of votes from our respective ballots with over 10,000 votes cast in a four week period of time. 

And, in another tradition, we'll also provide the POLITICALLY INCORRECT Dot Coms by clicking on the provided link.

And, without further delay, here are the winners ...



Mike Aiello Person of the Year is …


Mike Aiello, the individual for whom this Dot Com Award is named after, epitomized the spirit of fighting the fight, against the odds. In winning his 15th championship, John Force proved his worth as a fighter. Saddled with injuries both physical and mental from the 2007 season, the cagey veteran battled his way back and in the end, won a championship and the continued love of the fans, as evidenced in their voting.

Professional Racer of the Year …



Many wrote John Force off after a dismal NHRA Toyo Tires Nationals in [Reading, PA.] where a broken reverser not only cost him a first round race but also the point lead to Matt Hagan. Facing seemingly unbeatable odds as he has most of his life, Force, with help from the Ford camp along the way, made up the difference in points and captured his 15th career Funny Car title.


Sportsman Racer of the Year is …



The rock and roll band Loverboy has a hit song titled Loving Every Minute of It and the opening line describes Top Alcohol Funny Car champion Frank Manzo. It goes, “I’m not a man, or machine … I’m just something in between.” At times, it appeared in 2010 that Manzo was a machine. Whether he was tuning a Pro Extreme car for Sheikh Khalid Al-Thani, Manzo delivered big time en route to another well-deserved championship.




a d v e r t i s e m e n t

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Message Board of the Year …

YB1 copy
Arguably the largest and certainly toughest drag racing message board, picks up its third Dot Com award in as many years. It’s like the wild west of message boards but once you accept bullets will fly, and the weak are killed and eaten, there’s entertainment to be had.


Internet Radio Show of the Year is …


WFOLogo-TRANSP-smThe energetic Joe Castello and his team at WFO Radio has worked tirelessly to jump to the forefront of the growing Internet Radio Scene. Castello’s show provides coverage of drag racing with its NHRA Tuesday event which co-hosted by NHRA announcer Alan Reinhart.






Internet News Website of the Year is …


10yearsThe electronic arm of the NHRA’s media department has been a strong source of information for race fans seeking the latest in NHRA announcements and news from the sanctioning body. This marks the third consecutive time the readers have voted to this award.


Printed Publication of the Year is …


logoThe house publication for the National Hot Rod Association sets the standard for printed publications. Editor Phil Burgess and his staff of hard workers labor feverishly week in and week out to produce the voice of the NHRA in impressive fashion. Of the 12 times this award has been presented, National DRAGSTER has captured it eight times.









zmax_dragway1Drag Strip of the Year is …


Bruton Smith’s palatial four-lane drag strip built on the grounds of Charlotte Motor Speedway sets an incredible standard for racing facilities. The self-proclaimed Bellagio of Drag Strips has delivered big time in its three years on the NHRA Full Throttle tour.





Sponsor of the Year …

langdonLUCAS OIL

By an overwhelming vote, the readers of have voted Lucas Oil as drag racing’s Sponsor of the Year. It’s not hard to see why they voted that way. Look around at the fingerprint the Lucas Oil brand puts on the straight-line sport and it’s a no-brainer to see the passion Forrest Lucas has for drag racing. Their support of drag racing transcends well beyond their sponsorship of the NHRA’s sportsman series. Congratulations Mr. Lucas and family, this is a well-deserved award. Drag racing is better because of you.



News Story of the Year is …


They were drag racing’s Odd Couple … Starsky & Hutch … Laverne and Shirley … eh … you get the picture. That’s why when, in a letter to friends on November 16, Coil’s announced departure came as a total shock to virtually everyone in drag racing. The only thing that could come as a larger shock is if he ended up at Don Schumacher Racing.


OH YEAH ... about those other Dot Coms ... THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT DOT COMS



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