Rumor Mill


What would inspire a man to spend countless hours logging in numerous elapsed times and speeds and the nitro_joe.jpgaccompanying car combinations? Why would someone want to log the data of what a Z/Stock Automatic Pinto could run in the quarter-mile?

Joe Jackson jokes and says it was boredom that led to his creation of Nitro Joe Stats. Acquaintances know he merely uses that off the cuff answer as a front.

The truth is Jackson is anything but bored. The Loudonville, Ohio-based lifetime drag racing fan is dedicated to preserving the history of class racing.

“I don't know, I've always been into ET’s and mph’s and everything of what cars do,” said Jackson, whose parents Bill and Mary Ann Jackson have raced the NHRA U.S. Nationals since 1964. “Just to have them there where you can sit there for hours and say Joe Racer here went 10.31. I want to see what he's went all year long. You can just bring it up on the computer and see what all ET's he's gotten for the year.”

Jackson first began keeping stats in 1993 but at the urging of a friend two years later, he converted his personal computer entries into a book of printed stats.

“I took 50 books I made up myself and took them to the NHRA Springnationals and they wqere gone in an hour,” Jackson pointed out.

The books feature stats for Comp, Super Stock and Stock, and those stats break down the runs by classes from fastest to slowest. It has the cars and the engine combinations.

“It went over big,” Jackson said. “I guess all of the hours were worth it.”