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new_avi_054sm.jpgKeeping pace with the
increased popularity of the fabled 426 Chrysler Hemi, Aviaid Oil
Systems has introduced a pair of new oil pumps for both wet and dry
sump applications. They are designed to fit both OEM cast iron or
aluminum blocks, as well as aftermarket “Hemi” racing blocks (BAE,
Keith Black, TFX, etc.).

The smaller of the two
(shown at right) is factory configured to flow from 8 to 20 GPM
(gallons per minute), and can be adjusted to deliver up to 300 PSI
pressure. It has a 5/16” female hex drive.

For racing applications where 20 to 40 GPM flow is needed, like Top
Fuel, Funny Car, and some Alcohol classes, Aviaid’s larger unit is the
best bet. It can also be adjusted to provide oil pressure in a 0-300
PSI range. A 7/16” male hex drive is utilized.

A key feature of both pumps is their ability to be rebuildable in the
field. They are offered with aluminum or cast iron pressure sections,
with sizes relative to GPM flow desired.

It is interesting to note that when Chrysler first introduced the 426
Hemi in 1964, Aviaid had already been in business for three years and
was supplying lubrication systems to the likes of Carroll Shelby for
the original Cobra, and to Ford for the LeMans-winning GT-40. Aviaid is
recognized as the pioneering manufacturer of dry sump systems for high
performance automotive use, and the company’s leadership continues to
this day.

For additional information call 818-998-8991 or visit the firm’s data-packed website (www.aviaid.com), which also offers convenient online secure e-commerce.



Noted internal engine components manufacturer Manley Performance has
expanded its line of connecting rods for Sport Compact applications to
include H-beam models for Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru
applications. The race-style H-beam rod is engineered to provide
exceptional reliability in extremely high horsepower engines.

The rods are forged from E4340AQ aircraft quality alloy and precision
machined in Manley’s Lakewood, New Jersey facility to stringent
tolerances. They are heat-treated for an optimum balance of strength
and ductility, and are equipped with 3/8" diameter ARP® 2000 cap screws
(220,000 psi) and Ampco 45 wrist pin bushings. Special features include
reinforced double-rib rod caps and the removal of all unengaged
threads. Each rod is 100% magnafluxed after machining and Mil-spec
shot-peened to enhance fatigue strength.

Manley H-beam connecting rods are available for 1.6 and 1.8 liter
Honda/Acura V-Tec and non V-Tec engines, 2.2 liter Honda Prelude,
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and GST 2.0, Nissan 2.0 liter engines
(1991-2002), and Subaru EJ 18/20/22.

For additional information contact Manley Performance’s tech department at 732-905-3366 or visit their website at: www.manleyperformance.com.


NEW Wilson Manifolds V-FORCE EFI

wm0610at.jpgAdding a finely tuned high-power electronic
fuel injection system to your muscle car, racecar, or G-machine has
never been easier. The airflow experts at Wilson Manifolds are proud to
announce their latest innovation, the V-FORCE EFI throttle body. Unlike
most fuel injection conversions, which require dozens of parts
including a new intake manifold, the V-Force system is an all-inclusive
fuel injection solution that integrates cutting edge Wilson airflow
technology and turnkey EFI reliability in one slick-looking package.

Wilson Manifolds' engineers developed the
V-Force high-flow throttle body using the latest computer modeling
software to produce a design that yields maximum flow per square inch
of cross-sectional area. Eight fuel injector bosses (injectors ranging
from 30-lb/hr to 160-lb/hr available separately) are designed to
introduce fuel into the air stream for maximum atomization, and custom
Wilson billet fuel rails and stanchions make installation a snap. The
V-Force EFI features a standard 4150-style flange, so it will work on
all popular 4-barrel intake manifolds. Best of all, thanks to the
unique eight-injector design, the V-Force throttle body is compatible
with most of the popular aftermarket ECUs. Simply bolt the V-Force body
on a standard four-barrel intake, add a coolant temperature sensor,
throttle position sensor and O2 sensor (all available from Wilson), and
hook up an ECU, and you're ready to make horsepower. The V-Force system
is designed to work on small block and big block V8s, as well as import
and European applications.

The V-Force billet 6061-T6 aluminum body flows
1130cfm and incorporates four tapered and radiused throttle bores and a
precisely machined progressive linkage for smooth throttle operation.
Inward opening throttle blades eliminate part throttle directional
influence by the blades that can cause poor air distribution. Throttle
shafts are machined to Combining the V-Force EFI with a Wilson
Manifolds tapered spacer can add up to 110 CFM.

For more information please contact: Wilson
Manifolds, 4700 N.E. 11th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. Phone
954.771.6216; Fax 954.771.3413. Or visit them at:

Nitrous Pro-Flow 2-Stage "HURRICANE"


Veteran 1/4-mile warriors know races are won
or lost on the starting line. Nitrous Pro-Flow's new Hurricane
two-stage inline plate system was developed for traction-limited
applications, offering 50-600 adjustable horsepower in progressive
stages, limiting tire spin and maximizing launch. Now you can get the
performance of a direct-port system in an economical, easy to install,
easy to tune package.

The CNC-milled plate incorporates four stainless
steel spray bars with patented Fan Spray Technology, assuring perfect
distribution. The Hurricane starts with a low power setting on launch,
than rolls into max output once the car is storming the track. The
upper bar's first stage is adjustable from 50-250 horsepower, while the
lower bar's second stage is adjustable from 175-350 horsepower. Factor
in patented Burst Panel Protection that saves your motor in case of
backfire, a patented bottle that flows 360 lb/hr more than the
competition, and an easy-to-use weather pack connector wiring system,
and The Hurricane is simply the best high-power nitrous plate system in
the world.

For more information please contact Nitrous
Pro-Flow, 4700 N.E. 11th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. Phone
954.771.6216; Fax 954.771.3413. Or visit them at:

Air Intake System Cleaner

jb0611at.jpgEven the most sophisticated engines require routine maintenance,
oil changes, fuel injection services and periodic tune-ups. After hours
and hours of run time, engines can develop a varnish build-up in the
throttle body and air intake tract. The cause is generally reversion, a
process where a small amount of the air/fuel mixture is pushed back
into the intake where it can turn to varnish and sludge. The resulting
effect is black ooze that travels through the throttle body, mass air
meter and even into the air filter.

Justice Brother’s Air Intake System Cleaner is formulated to dissolve
reversion build-up, improve throttle response, clean air intake
passageways, and reduce sticking butterflies. If you’re concerned about
harming your oxygen sensors, wide band or other smog control devices,
don’t be! Justice Brother’s Air intake System Cleaner is completely
safe for all late model vehicles!

For over 70-years Justice Brothers has been a supplier of quality
professional care products used world-wide. Manufactured in America,
each Justice Brothers additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer
performance and reliability. Find out more about Justice Brothers at
www.justicebrothers.com .


bm0611at.jpgLooking for the perfect solution to hold your bracket car in place while
roasting the hides in the burnout box? B&M’s Launch Control (PN 46076) is
designed to hold 1500 psi of front brake pressure at the touch of a button.
Depress the brake pedal, activate the Launch Control and let the tire smoking

Designed for use with either 12-volt or 16-volt electrical systems, B&M’s
Launch Control includes wiring harness, switch, high-pressure solenoid and
in-line fuse.

Streetcar enthusiasts will also find Launch Control useful on those steep
hills where releasing the clutch means rolling backward. Before releasing the
brake, simply engage the Launch Control, release the clutch and accelerate

B&M Racing and Performance Products has been the leader of high
performance automatic transmissions, shifters and cooling products for more than
50 years. In nearly all divisions of motorsports B&M is the supplier of
quality engineering and race-winning technology.

For more information contact them at www.bmracing.com .




When Lewis Racing Team owner
Dave Lewis invested in a brand new Renegade toter home and trailer he wanted to
make sure it stayed looking good as long as possible.


So, crew member David Kessler went to work and crafted a black vinyl
trailer skirt that could easily be attached and removed from the trailer to
protect it from the dents dings and scratches it would normally receive during
hasty activity in the pits.

Almost two years later,
Lewis’ trailer still looks great, Kessler’s trailer skirt has maintained its own
appearance and integrity and the two men have decided to turn a product of
race-weekend ingenuity into an effective product available for sale.

Using Kessler’s knowledge of
what a race team really needs in trailer protection and the upholstery expertise
found at Lewis’ Auto Design Interiors shop, they have developed an
easy-t0-install, easy-to-use, long-lasting and inexpensive product that race
teams will certainly want.

“We had seen a few trailers
that had similar skirts on them,” Kessler explained. “When Dave (Lewis) bought
his trailer he wanted a set, so we went to his upholstery shop and put them

“Other people saw the trailer
skirts and asked about them. The next thing we knew, we had sold half a dozen

Lewis and Kessler’s trailer skirt
operation is now positioned to take the next step, as everything is now in
place to provide customized skirts to all interested parties with a two-week
shipping time.

“All people need to do is fax
me a drawing of their trailer set up and we can custom fit the skirt with
cutouts for outlets and anything else they need,” Kessler said.

For pricing and further
information, call David Kessler at
(918) 232-1859.


alum_rodsmall.gifOhio Crankshaft will display at the PRI
show in Orlando a new line of forged aluminum connecting rods for big and small
block Chevrolets. The forged rods feature ARP 2000 bolts standard, as well as
cap locating dowels to insure perfect alignment. Rods are CNC machined and are
diamond honed for accurate sizing. The new rods are an addition to a lineup of
billet BBC crankshafts, extralite cranks for the SBC, and more upcoming


Super charge your cell phone with racing ring tones!

logo_with_phone.jpgOur custom ringtones with MP3 quality will make any racing fan jealous.  Sign up now to get your favorite ring tone, from a Top Fuel to Pro-Stock and even Blown Alcohol.  We also have Indy and Stock Cars! This is a sure fire way to have a unique and awesome ringtone.  Feel like you are at the track every time you receive a phone call!

For the racing fan that enjoys other types of high-powered engine sounds, keep checking our site as more ring tones are added and find your favorite revved-up ring tone!

Drag Racing Results

Can’t get to the Drag Strip?  Stay up to date no matter where you are by having the race results sent directly to your cell phone!  With this feature, have the qualifying and elimination results sent directly to your cell phone via instant text message.  After every round of any and all races you choose, the text message will contain: Driver, Elapsed Time (ET) and qualifying position or round result.  Choose from a single race, a series of races, or save even more by purchasing a season package.  No need to wait until the 2007 season starts, by purchasing the ’07 season package, get the rest of the 2006 package for free!


11206b.jpgAEROMOTIVE, Inc., the leading manufacturer of EFI
and carbureted electric fuel pumps, pressure regulators and fuel systems, has applied
its cutting edge technology to a more traditional application with the
introduction of its small block Chevrolet mechanical fuel pump, P/N 11206. 

Designed for gasoline applications up to 550 HP, this 6
valve pump features an innovative single lock-bolt design that allows the -10AN
inlet port to rotate 285 degrees independently of the outlet port for infinite
adjustability.  The -8AN outlet port may
be clocked in 60 degree increments for additional plumbing convenience.

To provide unparalleled durability

and eliminate failures
common with conventional, cast pumps, the Aeromotive pump body is CNC machined
from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum alloy, and the high alloy steel, CNC machined
lever arm is scalloped for a high strength to weight ratio.  All internal components are engineered and
CNC machined from materials developed for severe duty applications.

The pump is capable of 12 PSI line pressure, and requires
use of one of Aeromotive’s carbureted regulators.   For
marine applications, the pump features a ¼” NPT vent.

Power. Performance. Speed.
Reliability. Durability. These qualities are built into every product and
system that displays the AEROMOTIVE name.  At AEROMOTIVE, we bring track experience,
technical expertise, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities
together to build the finest fuel systems in the world.

To learn more about Aeromotive’s extensive line of products
visit them online at www.aeromotiveinc.com , or to speak with one of their highly
qualified tech personnel, call 913-647-7300.