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bad_man.jpgThe BadMan, a new series of Inline induction systems from Triple-D Induction, is now available for the small-block Chevy. With interchangeable venturi sleeves, airflow ratings are available from around 500 to over 1000 cfm. 

This unique, all-new Demon Inline four-barrel carburetor combined with a Triple-D Aero-ram intake manifold provides even and superior fuel distribution. This allows larger camshafts to operate at low engine speeds with low vacuum and improves low-speed idle, part-throttle drivability, and fuel consumption.

The BadMan has no gaskets to leak under float level and has only three adjustments: two idle-mixture screws and one idle-speed screw.  Designed with simple carburetor tuning and maintenance in mind, the BadMan is available in two finishes: “as cast” or silver powder coat (as shown). Models to suit Big-block Chevy and LS1 are already under development.

For additional information visit our website: www.barrygrant.com



SCE engineers have combined the
elements of carbon and copper to form a completely new and durable exhaust
gasket. CopperClad Exhaust Gaskets
feature a reinforced graphite gasket body with unique copper armor at each
port, similar to the fire rings of a head gasket. This combination of materials
provides superior heat resistance, compressibility and strength for a tight, permanent
seal in extreme conditions. Recommended for high heat applications such as
Racing, Towing and Performance. 

For more information, visit www.scegaskets.com or call 1-800-427-5380.


msd_dashhawk.jpgKeep a sharp eye on your vehicle’s performance and vitals with MSD’s new information display, the DashHawk! Simply connect the DashHawk to the diagnostic port and you have access to over 100 parameters on 11 separate screens. Values such as speed, engine rpm, oil pressure, coolant, oil and transmission temps, throttle position, engine load and a host of other parameters can all be viewed via the DashHawk. As if all of that information isn’t enough, the DashHawk will also record 0-60 and quarter mile times! All of this information can be recorded (up to 90 seconds) and then downloaded to a PC. Once downloaded, you can graph the information using the software supplied.

Visible and audible alerts when a parameter such as speed or coolant temp reaches set val­ue.
Incredibly precise shift light function.
Diagnostic mode displays trouble codes along with a descrip­tion and allows codes to be easily cleared if desired.
Can be updated with the latest vehicles and updated features via the internet.

For more information on MSD’s line of ignition components contact: MSD Ignition, 1490 Henry Brennan Drive, El Paso, Texas 79936, or call (915) 857-5200.

Chrome-Worx Performance Products

drr.jpgChrome-Worx Performance Products is a Michigan based company specializing in trick chrome components for sportsman drag racing competitors.  Run by noted bracket and Top Dragster competitor John Parkes, Chrome-Worx Performance Products stocks a wide variety of popular drag racing products and accessories in a quality triple-plated chrome finish.
“As a racer myself, I’ve felt that there’s a market for a company like Chrome-Worx,” said Parkes.  “Everyone wants to have nice stuff, and chrome accessories are the norm.  But in the past, the process was pretty tedious.  In order to get that chrome look, most competitors had to first order the components from the original manufacturer, then send them back off to a chrome shop.  After weeks of waiting and expensive freight bills, they finally had the chrome product they were looking for.  At Chrome-Worx, we keep the vast majority of popular chrome products and accessories in stock on the shelf!  Need chrome Dynatech Headers?  We‘ve got ‘em--plus valve covers; Shogun Kool Kans; almost every bolt on CSR component is available; we also stock vacuum pumps, mandrel drives, scoop trays, and more. ”
Chrome-Worx will make life easier for every racer in need of chrome components.  Finally, racers will be able to place an order and have chrome components delivered to their door in a couple days! Chrome-Worx Performance Products is an authorized dealer for CSR Performance Products, Biondo Racing Products, Aerospace Components, Dynatech Competition Exhaust, Shogun Industries, American Racing, Weld Racing, and Spin Werkes Racing Wheels. 
For more information on Chrome-Worx Performance Products, or to view their entire line of immaculate triple-plated components and accessories, visit Chrome-Worx online at www.Chrome-Worx.com

Get Spaced With This Trackside Carb Spacer Kit From Proform Parts

proform.jpgPROFORM’s affordable Carb Spacer Kit (PN 67160C) allows you to make almost instant adjustments, optimizing your air/fuel flow rates, even in the pits. This Trackside Carb Spacer Kit includes a 1-inch thick frame and a choice of three inserts: open, standard four-hole and tapered four-hole. These lightweight phenolic spacers are heat resistant, providing minimal thermal transfer, and fighting vapor lock problems as well. The three inserts offer an easy, flexible way to tune your powerband.

The four-hole spacers accelerate airflow to improve low-end torque, while the open insert creates a high-rise manifold effect, increasing plenum volume and moving the throttle blades away from the roof of the manifold runners. This improves air/fuel distribution and flow, adding mid-range and top-end power. These PROFORM spacers fit Holley 4150-style carburetors and PROFORM Race Series carbs.

For complete information, or to request a catalog of their engine parts and tools, contact PROFORM at www.proformparts.com 


419_437img1.jpgProfessional Products has built a strong reputation for high performance Ford
parts with their innovative manifolds and other fuel system components. To
complement that line, they now offer a special phenolic thermal spacer for their
5.0 manifold.

By thermally isolating the upper plenum from the manifold, this new phenolic
spacer reduces intake temperatures creating a denser intake charge resulting in
more power. This 0.50-inch spacer also provides enough extra clearance to
conveniently remove the valve cover with the upper plenum in place. Now you can
get improved performance and easy servicing access for only about $80. The
spacer (part #54100) can be used with Professional Products Typhoon EFI
manifolds for the 5.0 and 351 Windsor engines as well as with similar Edlebrock

For more information, or to download the Professional Products 2006 Catalog
in PDF format, visit www.professional-products.com .

Tubular A-Arms for Super Stock

Performance Specialties announces the release of replacement A-Arms that allow
you to update your race car to take advantage of the new NHRA/IHRA Super Stock

just two pounds, these A-Arms are constructed of chrome moly tubing for maximum
strength. Save about six pounds of important front-end and unsprung weight by
replacing your stock A-Arms with these superior tubular ones.

compact design and adjustable Teflon-lined rod ends combine for smooth,
accurate movement. Built in Smith Performance's own jigs, their bolt-in design
fit existing frame sections and make stock replacement easy.

A-Arms come powder coated, complete with all hardware and spacers for

for: '91 Calais, '92-'98 Achieva, '96-'98 Grand Am, '99-'04 Grand Am/Alero,
'96-'05 Cavalier/Sunfire. Please specify application when ordering.

order call: Smith Performance Specialties at (905) 772-5535, or visit
www.smithperformance.com for more information.


accel_engine_management.jpgA new software and firmware upgrade for the ACCEL/DFI Gen 7+ ECU is now
available and shipping.

Pulse width modulated outputs have been added for progressive timed control of nitrous oxide and other PWM controlled devices, and the
upgrade also offers custom MAP sensor configuration up to 3.5 BAR (41
psi) Map sensor capability. The auxiliary output drivers have also been
upgraded to provide higher current capability, and several staged

injection strategies have been added to the program, specifically for
4-cylinder applications. Perfect for hi-boost applications!

ECU must be sent to ACCEL/DFI for upgrade.

Part #77003U


For more information on ACCEL/DFI products, please visit our web site at ACCEL/DFI ONLINE .

FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter Interior Mount Kit

FAST™ Interior Mount
Kit connects
air/fuel meter to windshield through removable suction cup mount

airfuelmeterinteriormountkit170493.jpgThe new FAST™ Air/Fuel
Meter is an amazing tool that allows you to read current engine air/fuel ratios
through twin sensors in order to achieve a highly accurate assessment of the
engine status. But when you are driving down the road or track, it’s hard to
safely read the data if the meter is sliding around in your vehicle. The new
FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter Interior Mount Kit includes a durable suction cup mount
that connects the meter to the inside of your windshield so that it stays put,
allowing you to read the data safely.

The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter
Interior Mount Kit includes a suction cup for windshield attachment, as well as
adhesive tape that attaches the suction cup mount to the meter without special
glues or drilling. In addition, the FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter Interior Mount Kit
protects your meter from becoming damaged through contact with other interior
components. For more information on the FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter Interior Mount Kit
or any other FAST™ products, visit online at http://www.fuelairspark.com/.


412_431img1.jpgLooking for extreme durability, long life and instant performance from your
throw out bearing? Since this is not an easy part to change, the answer should
be YES! McLeod’s Hydraulic Throw Out Bearing assembly is perfect for both stock
and custom applications, and eliminates the need to fabricate custom linkage.

These McLeod bearings feature CNC machined hard anodized billet aluminum
collars, swivel elbow fittings and AN4 steel braided Teflon® inner lines that
are rated to 2500 PSI. Combined with McLeod’s External Slave Cylinder, you have
the perfect set up for vehicles that need to have the engine removed for clutch
or transmission maintenance. Applications include the bolt-on style for GM and
Ford vehicles and the slip-on style for Chrysler products. Check with the
driveline professionals at McLeod for specific information on your application.

McLeod Industries, a B&M Company has been the leader of high-performance
clutch components, flywheels, bell housings and shifters for more than 35-years.
Catering to hot rodders and racers alike, McLeod prides itself on quality
engineering and race-winning technology.

For more
information contact: McLeod Industries on the web at www.mcleodind.com