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Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines for Holley 3310 Carbs

venerable Holley 3310 has been the street carb of choice for nearly
five decades. Its 750cfm flow capacity and vacuum secondaries make it
the ideal carb for both small- and big-block engines. The problem for
most installations is caused by the fact that the 3310 has dual fuel
inlets and traditional dual-feed hard line kits seldom fit correctly,
and often leak. The new Professional Products braided steel line kit
offers an attractive and easy solution for a custom leak-free hook-up.

Each Professional Products braided fuel line kit includes -8AN inlet
fittings that attach to the stock 5/8-18 inverted flare bowl fittings,
using supplied crush washers to ensure a leak-free seat. The braided
stainless line spans the correct 8.8-inches inlet spacing and offers a
show appearance with its anodized fittings. There is an integral
1/8-inch NPT fuel pressure gauge port and an optional adapter is
available to allow use of a -6AN inlet connection or hose barb fittings
for various fuel line sizes.

For more information on Professional Products complete line of fuel
filters, fuel pressure regulators, fuel rails, fuel pumps and other
performance products, or to download the 2007 Catalog in PDF format,
visit www.professional-products.com or contact Professional Products, 12705 S. Van Ness Ave., Hawthorne, Ca. 90250. 323-779-2020 Fax: 323-754-1141.

Application-Specific Spark Plugs From RHS

rhs_-zex__champion_spark_plugs.jpgNew spark plugs are specifically designed for street and racing applications

Racing Head Service™, the legendary innovator of cylinder head
technology, announces the release of application-specific spark plugs
for their lineup of high performance aluminum and cast iron cylinder
heads. For street performance applications, ZEX™ High Performance Spark
Plugs are offered, and for racing usage a specially designed line of
Champion spark plugs with an assortment of heat ranges is available.

The ZEX™ spark plugs feature “Igniter Core™ Technology,” which allows
them to conduct electricity over five times better than platinum and
nearly three times better than iridium. This results in more horsepower
producing spark energy and greater detonation resistance than either of
these materials, and why they are a natural choice for RHS™.

Champion, a great name in advanced racing spark plug design, has
created a line of top performing racing plugs for RHS™ that
incorporates Heat-Active™ alloy, resulting in maximum heat dissipation
and conductivity to maintain stable operating temperatures.

For more information about the RHS™ lineup of ZEX™ and Champion High
Performance Spark Plugs or any other RHS™ product, call us at
1-877-776-4323, or visit us online at www.racingheadservice.com

FAST XFI Internal Data Logging Option

Releases New Internal Data Logging Option For XFI™ Fuel Injection
System. New add-on capability records up to 24 input channels without
an external data logger Data is the racer’s greatest ally. Without
comprehensive data from all of your vehicle’s sensors and powertrain
controllers it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify what
changes should be made in order to correct problems and improve track
times. The innovators at FAST™ have responded to your need for that
all-important data with the new Internal Data Logging Option for the
XFI™ EFI system. Available as a downloadable add-on for existing XFI™
owners or as an option with new XFI™ orders, this new feature allows
you to record up to 24 input channels – instantly assembling a
comprehensive, real-time picture of just what is going on under the
hood of your vehicle.
The XFI™ Internal Data Logging Option is available at a considerably
lower cost than an external data logger and does not require any
additional wiring harnesses or hardware to use. Just purchase and
install the option using the C-Com XFI™ operating system, and you can
record the data from up to 24 input channels and sensors – making it
possible to download the recorded information into your laptop or pc
and evaluate engine performance for more accurate tuning.
Every racer knows that monitoring and recording powertrain data is
absolutely critical to correcting tuning problems and improving
performance. The XFI™ Internal Data Logging Option delivers that data,
allowing you to perform super-accurate powertrain analysis and giving
you an edge over the competition.
For more information about the FAST™ XFI™ Internal Data Logging Option
or any other FAST™ product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us
online at www.fuelairspark.com

Universal Super Charger Kit for GM LS Engines

LS engines have become the engine of choice for street rods, street
machines and even the latest crop of high-end sand buggies. It’s no
wonder – their aluminum construction makes them extremely light and
they can produce huge power with a minimum of modification. In fact, a
bit of boost is all your LS engine needs no matter what vehicle it’s
in. Magna Charger offers a universal system capable of 700+HP. In fact
engine guru Kenny Duttweiler has coaxed 740HP out of his 402ci LS2 with
only 8 lbs of boost and a few of his traditional cam and cylinder head

The Magna Charger Universal MP122 kit for LS1 and LS2 engines fits
virtually any application. Its low profile design slips under most
hoods without modification, and the optional front or rear air
supercharger inlet offers the car builder a choice of solutions for
tightly packaged engine compartments.

The MP122 supercharger kit features a roots/hybrid design with an
integral water-to-air intercooler and a patented equal length runner
intake manifold. The Magna Charger system makes more power from
1500-6500rpm than any other system. A unique integral bypass valve
limits supercharger drag to one horsepower under normal driving

The Universal MP 122 kit is complete with all necessary components for
installation including the intercooler circulation pump, new fuel rails
and fuel injectors, factory “push lock connectors” and a fuel pressure
regulator adapter when required. A computer program is uploaded to the
factory ECU for optimum calibration of the supercharger system. The
transmission shift points, line pressure and converter strategies are
adjusted for the best use of the increased power.

For additional information on the Universal LS supercharger system, or other Magnuson products visit: www.magnusonproducts.com or Magnuson Products, 1990 Knoll Drive, Ventura, CA 93003, 805-642-8833, fx 805-677-4897


Stopflex Braided Brake Hoses For Ford Shelby GT 500

’07-’08 Ford Shelby GT is arguably the hottest new Ford performance car
on the streets! CLASSIC TUBE, always on top of the Ford performance
market, has just added these D.O.T. approved stainless steel braided
brake hoses to their premium STOPFLEX® line.

Available under part #SBH6101 for a complete car set, these braided
hoses have been extensively tested and virtually eliminate typical
volumetric expansion, providing a firmer and more responsive pedal.
STOPFLEX® stainless braided Ford Shelby GT 500 hoses are exclusive to
CLASSIC TUBE, feature factory brackets for ease of installation and can
be used for both street and racing applications. STOPFLEX® corrosion
resistant 5-layer engineering includes 304 stainless braided wire,
Teflon® hose and Kevlar® braid to produce the best and strongest brake
hoses on the performance market. Call today for the best upgrade you
can make on your new Ford Shelby. Check out all the brake, fuel,
transmission, vacuum and choke pre-bent tubing at www.classictube.com
or call TODAY!
For complete information on ’07-‘08 Ford Shelby GT 500 STOPFLEX®, and
their other fluid transfer products for late-model Mustangs, call
Classic Tube toll-free at 1-800-882-3711. Order online at www.classictube.com . CLASSIC TUBE, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086, In NY 716-759-1800, Fax: 716-759-1014.

High Performance Street Dampers for the 5.7 and 6.1L HEMI

Products now offers a replacement damper upgrade for your new 5.7 and
6.1L Chrysler HEMI engines. The popularity of these engines has sparked
great interest in performance modifications for street use and these
HEMI dampers are designed specifically for performance street machines
and street/strip style race engines.

The serpentine grooved dampers are dimensionally identical to the stock
damper, but are made of tough nodular iron and are still less expensive
than a factory stock replacement. The high strength bond between the
elastomer, hub and the inertia ring holds on tight at high RPMs. These
Professional Products dampers are the perfect way to add reliability to
your new HEMI performance engine.

For more information on Professional Products complete line of
performance dampers and other performance products, or to download the
2007 Catalog in PDF format, visit www.professional-products.com or contact Professional Products, 12705 S. Van Ness Ave., Hawthorne, Ca. 90250. 323-779-2020 Fax: 323-754-1141.

Chassisworks Bolt-On Clips Create Instant g-Machines

g-machine1.jpgChris Alston’s Chassisworks has introduced a 
g-machine version of its popular NoFab™ front clip that dramatically 
improves handling, braking and steering.

New, heavy-duty components include 13-inch or 14-inch brakes; a power-
steering rack; double-adjustable, billet-aluminum VariShocks; extra-
large antiroll bars; stronger, double-adjustable upper A-arms; and 
reinforced lower A-arms.

Tires up to 10 inches wide will fit inside a 1967-69 Camaro/Firebird 
or 1968-72 Nova equipped with this NoFab™ frame.  Clearance for 
headers and oil pans is also greatly increased.

Complete, all-aftermarket suspension, steering and brake packages are 
available, plus headers and billet motor mounts for GM small-blocks, 
big-blocks and LS-series engines.  Hardware and photo-illustrated 
instructions are supplied with every kit.

Call (916) 388-0288 for details, or download data sheets at 
www.cachassisworks.com For the 132-page Technical Catalog & 
Installation Guide, send $6 to Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Dept. CP,
8661 Younger Creek Dr., Sacramento, CA 95828.

Super Street Series Carburetors

you had racecar quality carburetion for your streetcar? The performance
carb specialists at Quick Fuel Technology have just granted your wish
with their new Super Street series starting at just $484.99!

Super Street carbs feature a Proform® aluminum main body specially
constructed with a solid state electric choke for year-round easy
starting.  Billet metering blocks eliminate cross-well bleeding that
can occur with die cast blocks, and also provide consistent precision
metering. Dual metering blocks are provided in all applications to
accommodate a race style four corner idle system as well as superior
secondary metering. A billet throttle body, fitted with QFT’s
proprietary Teflon™ coated throttle shafts and low profile button head
screws, coupled with Teflon® coated throttle shaft ribbons, ensures
light pedal effort and greater airflow. QFT’s exclusive lightweight
contoured aluminum float bowls contain clear sight windows for easy
float level adjustment.

Thanks to their aluminum construction, QFT’s new Super Street carbs are
over five pounds lighter then their conventional zinc counterparts.
These high performance carbs utilize either “multi-link” tunable
mechanical secondary activation, or Quick Fuel’s Quick Set adjustable
vacuum secondary housing. All QFT SS Series carburetors accept dual
feed fuel lines and use commonly available service and tuning
components for easy installation and simplified maintenance. With sizes
available from 650cfm through 830cfm, there is a Super Street
application for almost every engine.

For more information, contact: Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane,
Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951.
Visit Quick Fuel Technology on the web at: www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel delivery experts at [email protected]

Speedtech Nitrous Fly By Wire Switch

new fly by wire nitrous controller was designed from the ground up for
the specific task of giving the late model fuel injected nitrous owners
the easiest and most reliable way of activating their nitrous system.

The control unit is extremely easy to program and allows the user to
choose which throttle position, minimum RPM, and maximum RPM will
activate their nitrous system.

It also includes an interrupt circuit for cars utilizing a clutch and two step or  a trans brake.

For more information on Speedtech Nitrous Late Model Performance Kits call 866.80.SPEED

FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module

fast.jpgNow track engine rpm in addition to air/fuel data with your FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter

Knowing your engine’s air/fuel ratio is critical to maximizing its
performance. Knowing what rpm that air/fuel ratio is occurring at gives
you the data you need to make precision adjustments to address specific
tuning problems. The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module is an upgrade kit
that lets you monitor and record your engine’s rpm and is fully
compatible with any FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter. It installs with a quick
firmware update to your meter, and the rpm module plugs in-line with
your existing O2 sensor harness. The rpm pick-up is a unique inductive
pick-up design that eliminates any wire cutting to get your rpm signal.

The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module comes with everything you need,
including the installation CD, communications cable, USB cable adapter,
power source, rpm module, clip-on inductive pick-up and full
instructions to get you up and running in no time. Best of all, you’ll
never have to guess what your air/fuel ratio is, or what rpm it occurs
at, ever again.

For more information about the FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module or any
other FAST™ product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at www.fuelairspark.com