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COMP Cams Expands Line Of Small & Big Block Chevrolet Valves

performance_stainless_steel_valves.jpgEleven new offerings cover the market for competition-ready steel valves

COMP Cams® announces the release of 11 new intake and exhaust valves in
a variety of diameters and stem lengths for competition-minded Small
and Big Block Chevrolet engine builders. Made from 21-4N forged
high-strength steel alloy with 50 HRc minimum hard tips (which
eliminates the need for a lash cap), these valves are state-of-the-art,
delivering tremendous performance and durability. Recommended for all
hydraulic, mechanical and roller lifter applications, these valves
feature hard chrome-plated 11/32-inch stems with proprietary oil
retention surfacing, not thin flash plating.

For performance enthusiasts looking for improved power, COMP Cams® new
Sportsman Valves are just the ticket. To increase flow without
increasing the valve diameter, high flow underhead fillet relief was
designed in. In addition, the spiral-polished fillets generate a higher
flow rate with reduced radial crack propagation, increasing their
resistance to failure. COMP Cams® Sportsman Valves include all of these
high-tech advancements, yet are affordable for any budget-minded engine

For more information about the expanded line of COMP Cams® Sportsman
Valves or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or
visit us online at www.compcams.com

The Mighty Sportsman: A Competition Carburetor by Demon

new Mighty Sportsman carburetor by Demon is designed for the
entry-level sportsman racer.  It is available in three separate
configurations: oval track with special floats and secondary power
valve, drag race with notched floats and jet extensions, and road race
or slalom with special floats and secondary power valve. 

Available with cfm ratings of 575, 650, 750, 800, 825, and 850, the
Mighty Sportsman features interchangeable air bleeds and idle-feed
restrictors, which are ideal for fine-tuning at the track or during
dynamometer testing.  It also boasts free-flowing air-entries,
ridge-free concentric venturi bores, large capacity fuel bowls with
sight glasses, and billet metering blocks and baseplate.  In addition,
the Mighty Sportsman contains many billet components and is a direct
replacement for the Holley HP, yet is considerably less expensive than
many of the modified versions.

For complete information contact: Demon Carburetion, 1450 McDonald
Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533 Telephone (706) 864-8544. Visit our website www.barrygrant.com for the latest Catalog/Technical Manual

Retrotek BossEFI Now Available

or EFI? It’s a dilemma that’s faced musclecar, streetrod and resto-mod
car owners for years. The problem is that port-type EFI just doesn’t
look right on most classic performance cars with its fuel rails and
tangle of wiring. But when you consider the drivability and fuel
efficiency of EFI, it just doesn’t make sense to use a carburetor

The solution is RetroTek Speed’s revolutionary billet throttle body
that resembles a custom dual feed 4150-style carb. The BossEFI simply
replaces the carburetor, (no new manifold or fuel rails required)
providing a clean muscular appearance. It is identical in all critical
dimensions to a 4150 and features four high-pressure port-style
injectors placed strategically above the throttle plates, providing
optimum fuel atomization and power output. In direct back-to-back
comparisons to port EFI RetroTek’s BossEFI made equal or more power.

RetroTek’s billet throttle body is not the only unique part of its
system. The Stage II Engine Management System has an “adaptive
learning” feature that self-tunes as you drive – no laptop or tuning
skills required. It takes its information from a wideband O2 sensor and
control module. Also, no welding is necessary for the O2 sensor
installation thanks to an innovative O2 sensor clamp that attaches to
the exhaust. Another hurdle for EFI that no longer exists is the need
for a fuel tank return line. The external RetroTek electric fuel pump
is controlled by the ECU and provides exactly the right fuel quantity
and pressure.

Two sizes of throttle bodies are available: the BossEFI 750 for up to
550hp, and the BossEFI 1200 for 550hp and larger engines. Dual BossEFI
and supercharged and turbo BossEFIs are also available. Systems include
all wiring, sensors and instructions. Installation takes about six

For more information please contact RetroTek Speed at 469 Harrison St. Unit E, Corona, CA 92879. Phone: 951-737-2006 or visit www.retrotekspeed.com

Flowmaster 1955-1957 Chevrolet Performance Exhaust

announces its new 2.50-inch American Thunder® dual exhaust system for
the classic 1955-56-57 Chevrolet. This header-back kit is designed to
fit with any V-8 engine. The head-pipe assembly is a flexible design
allowing installation with either factory-style down pipes or headers.
The 2.50-inch dual mandrel-bent system features an H-pipe assembly,
Super 40™ Series mufflers and tailpipes with embossed stainless tips.
All the necessary instructions, clamps and hanger hardware are included
for a trouble-free installation.  This classic Flowmaster American
Thunder® system, delivers a rich muscle car performance tone while
opening your enigne up to more horsepower and torque.

Specifications: Features and Benefits
·    Super 40™ Mufflers
·    Easy Installation
·    Mandrel Bent Aluminized steel
·    Street or Race System

Contact: Flowmaster Inc.
800-544-4761 or go to www.flowmastermufflers.com
Flowmaster, Inc. 100 Stony Point Rd. Ste.125 Santa Rosa, CA 95401

TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers

824103_max-cooltransmissioncooler.jpgReduce Internal Transmission Temperature By 33%

Innovative plate and fin design generates internal turbulence for exceptional heat transfer

Heat has always been the #1 cause of premature automatic transmission
failure. A new TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Cooler is the most effective
way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and
performance. Available in four different sizes, the new TCI® Max-Cool™
Transmission Coolers utilize a special “plate and fin” design, which
reduces transmission temperatures by 33% over tube-style transmission

The new TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers feature pre-drilled
mounting plates and 3/8-inch push-on fittings to make installation easy
and greatly improve durability. Available in sizes from 4-inches x
11-inches x 3/4-inch through 9 7/8-inches x 11-inches x 3/4-inch, TCI®
Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers are the most compact, space efficient
coolers you can buy today.

For more information about the TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers or
any other TCI® products, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online
at www.tciauto.com

COMP Cams expands Aluminum Shaft Rocker Line Up

comp_aluminum_shaft_rockers_expanded.jpgNine applications introduced to fit popular Brodix, Dart, Edelbrock & RHS cylinder heads

COMP Cams® Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arm Systems are a popular choice for
professional engine builders who desire increased valve train and
cylinder head stability for improved performance and overall durability
in all-out race engine applications. COMP Cams® announces the expansion
of their shaft rocker arm system line to include nine new applications,
including GM, Ford and Chrysler engines. Constructed from 2024
aluminum, these high-tech rockers ride on an 8620 hardened steel shaft
and feature an efficiently designed oiling system that ensures
consistent flow. Rocker arm ratios for these assemblies range from 1.5
through 1.7:1, depending on cylinder head application.

The nine new COMP Cams® shaft rocker arm assemblies include the Pro
TopLine/RHS™ Pro Action™ 1.5/1.5:1 ratio iron and aluminum cylinder
heads, Big Block Chevrolet Brodix Big Brodie and 18-degree Big Brodie
heads, Small Block Ford Windsor 302/351W OEM heads, three different
Small and Big Block Chrysler heads and the Pontiac Edelbrock 1.5:1
cylinder heads. Installation of the COMP Cams® shaft rocker system is
generally a bolt-on process completed without machining; however
verification of that fact should be completed when purchasing these
assemblies as application requirements do differ slightly.

For more information about ordering COMP Cams® shaft rocker arm
assemblies for your engine or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at
1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com

SREC Anti-Reversion Shear Plates

valve overlap causes exhaust gas reversion into the intake manifold,
this reduces the quality of the combustion mixture entering the
combustion chamber. This causes a mixture that’s harder to ignite along
with a slower burn rate. This can become even more of a problem in
forced induction engine applications. The end result is less volumetric
efficiency, which means reduced power output, lower mileage and
increased emissions.

The use of SREC’s anti-reversion shear plate will minimize this effect
as it uses the momentum of the reversion gas with the velocity of the
incoming fuel/air mixture to shear raw fuel dripping from the
carburetor base to enhance atomization.

Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components has a number of different style
of anti-reversion shear plates with different bore sizes for both 2-bbl
and 4-bbl carburetors for anything from a street rod on up to a Pro
Stock application.

For more information, contact:

Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components
352 Training Center Rd.
Lynchburg, VA  24502
Tel       (434) 239-1009
Fax       (434) 239-1026
Web       www.SonnysRacingEngines.com
E-Mail   [email protected]

New From Flatout Gaskets

Gaskets is pleased to announce the release of their exciting new
product for Holley® 750/850 4 barrel carburetors. After months of
extensive testing, Flatout has developed a FKM (Viton®) carb bowl
gasket kit that out-performs all others! 

Part # S1066, the molded rubber/re-usable bowl and metering block gasket kit is now available.

The “ALL SEASON™” steel carrier based product uses the latest in rubber
molding technology to offer the racer a quality product that is not
only re-useable, but also does not stick to the carb mating surfaces.
For the racer that rejets his carb for tuning, this is just the ticket.

For more information, please call Flatout Toll-Free @ 877.837.9200 or take a look at the new on-line product listings at: www.flatoutgroup.com

Flatout Gaskets will be at the 2007 PRI Tradeshow – Dec. 6- 8 in
Orlando, FL. - Booth #3334. To “STAY SEALED™” stop by and pick-up a new
catalog and learn about all the new sealing products available from
Flatout Gaskets!


Mr. Gasket Announces New Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets

Gasket expands its popular line of premium Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets
which are designed to improve sealing of exhaust manifold and header
flanges, with new applications for Ford and Buick.

Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets incorporate a graphite-impregnated facing
and steel expanded metal core that reinforces and increases gasket
material tensile strength. This gives the gasket the ability to conform
to warped flanges, allowing better sealing capabilities without
deteriorating or cracking under the excessive heat and pressure of high
performance racing engines.

These gaskets are manufactured from high-temperature graphite
impregnated facing and expanded steel core exhaust material. Their
expanded steel core provides stability and maximum torque retention to
eliminate gasket failure. A graphite impregnated facing provides
excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity to transfer heat
away from cylinder head. They conform to and seal minor surface
irregularities and can be trimmed for modified ports. Designed for OE
replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track.

Part #7529 - Buick 350 Rectangle Port 68-81
Part #7558 - Ford 4.6L DOHC Round Port 2005-2007
Part #7559 - Ford 4.6L SOHC D-Port 2005-2007
Part #7560 - Ford 5.4L DOHC Round Port 2007-Up

For more information on Mr. Gasket products and brands, please visit our web site at www.mr-gasket.com 

Nitrous Tuning with SREC’s FTL-15 Fuel/Pressure Flow Tool

fuel-nitrous_flow_tool_logo.jpgTuning for the best results is near impossible without professional level tools.

Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components has just what you need with
their FTL-15 Fuel/Nitrous flow meter. Designed by racers for racers,
this large, 25/8” liquid filled gauge accepts any size nitrous jet so
you can fine tune with pressure adjustments off your fuel regulator.

Calibrated from 0-15 psi. For carbureted vehicles only.

For more information, contact:

Rod Short, Sales/Marketing Manager
Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components
352 Training Center Rd.
Lynchburg, VA  24502
Tel       (434) 239-1009
Fax       (434) 239-1026
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