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Mr. Gasket Announces New Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets

Gasket expands its popular line of premium Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets
which are designed to improve sealing of exhaust manifold and header
flanges, with new applications for Ford and Buick.

Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets incorporate a graphite-impregnated facing
and steel expanded metal core that reinforces and increases gasket
material tensile strength. This gives the gasket the ability to conform
to warped flanges, allowing better sealing capabilities without
deteriorating or cracking under the excessive heat and pressure of high
performance racing engines.

These gaskets are manufactured from high-temperature graphite
impregnated facing and expanded steel core exhaust material. Their
expanded steel core provides stability and maximum torque retention to
eliminate gasket failure. A graphite impregnated facing provides
excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity to transfer heat
away from cylinder head. They conform to and seal minor surface
irregularities and can be trimmed for modified ports. Designed for OE
replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track.

Part #7529 - Buick 350 Rectangle Port 68-81
Part #7558 - Ford 4.6L DOHC Round Port 2005-2007
Part #7559 - Ford 4.6L SOHC D-Port 2005-2007
Part #7560 - Ford 5.4L DOHC Round Port 2007-Up

For more information on Mr. Gasket products and brands, please visit our web site at www.mr-gasket.com 

Nitrous Tuning with SREC’s FTL-15 Fuel/Pressure Flow Tool

fuel-nitrous_flow_tool_logo.jpgTuning for the best results is near impossible without professional level tools.

Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components has just what you need with
their FTL-15 Fuel/Nitrous flow meter. Designed by racers for racers,
this large, 25/8” liquid filled gauge accepts any size nitrous jet so
you can fine tune with pressure adjustments off your fuel regulator.

Calibrated from 0-15 psi. For carbureted vehicles only.

For more information, contact:

Rod Short, Sales/Marketing Manager
Sonny’s Racing Engines & Components
352 Training Center Rd.
Lynchburg, VA  24502
Tel       (434) 239-1009
Fax       (434) 239-1026
Web       www.SonnysRacingEngines.com
E-Mail   [email protected]

TCI Releases New PRO-X 1.65 Straight-Cut Planetary Gear Set

tci_745930_300dpi.jpgNew gear set improves launches and makes broken planetaries a thing of the past

As any drag racer who runs in the Outlaw Drag Radial or 10.5 classes
can tell you, too low of a planetary gear ratio can be a serious
hindrance to attaining a decent 60 foot time. The relatively small tire
sizes that define these classes mean that traction is at a premium, and
all of that money spent building a high-horsepower race engine is
wasted if it goes up in tire smoke. To address this concern, TCI® has
introduced the new PRO-X™ 1.65 Ratio Straight-Cut Planetary Gear Set.

When the engineering staff at TCI® set out to create the PRO-X™ 1.65
Straight-Cut Planetary Gear Set for Powerglide Transmissions, they knew
that in order to survive the demands of 2500+ hp drag race engines,
only top-quality materials could be used. All gears – pinion, center,
auxiliary and flange – are manufactured from bulletproof 9310 billet
steel, and a straight-cut tooth design further enhances strength
through increased gear tooth contact area. The planetary carrier is
made from super tough A356-80 ductile iron, and a 4140 forged steel
ring gear and output shaft complete one of the strongest planetary gear
sets ever made for a Powerglide Transmission. No stock GM parts are
used in the manufacture of the PRO-X™ 1.65 Straight-Cut Planetary Set,
making it the only logical choice for racers who run a Powerglide in
traction limited street tire classes.

For more information about the TCI® PRO-X™ 1.65 Straight-Cut Planetary
Gear Set for Powerglide Transmissions or any other TCI® product, call
us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at www.tciauto.com

Quick Summary
Product: TCI® PRO-X™ 1.65 Straight-Cut Planetary Gear Set For Powerglide Transmissions
Part Number: #746820
Features & Benefits:
• Improves launches in small tire drag racing classes
• Super tough 9310 billet steel gears withstand engines producing 2500+ hp
• Straight-cut gears improve contact area and increase strength
• Race proven - strongest planetary gear sets for Powerglide Transmissions

Dual Friction Clutch Assembly For Cavalier And Cobalt

df161533.jpgCenterforce is proud to introduce this New Dual Friction clutch
assembly for 2002 to 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L and 2005 to 2006
Chevrolet Cobalt 2.2L.

This new clutch assembly replaces the stock pressure plate with a more
reliable assembly with a higher holding capacity that is designed as a
direct bolt in for perfect fit and function.

Centerforce strives to provide the best products on the market at any
performance level by using patented processes and constantly testing
different materials and designs to find the best combination. This new
application is now available as a Dual Friction® clutch assembly for
use in high torque street driving and racing applications and a
Centerforce I for a high quality stock replacement with basic
modifications .

The Dual Friction part number is DF161533 (Pressure Plate, Disc, Slave
Cylinder W/Release Bearing & Alignment Tool Included) the
Centerforce I part number is CF331516 (Pressure Plate, Disc, Slave
Cylinder W/Release Bearing & Alignment Tool Included).

Please contact any Centerforce dealer or Centerforce directly with
questions at 928/771-8422 or visit them online at www.centerforce.com

Prevent Diesel Fuel Filter And Fuel Line Clogging

Brothers DIESEL FUEL ANTIGEL helps eliminate the forming of waxy solid
crystals in diesel fuel during extreme cold weather conditions. Due to
this fuel’s higher viscosity, it quickly thickens as the temperature
drops to the “cloud point”. This point varies at different locations
but the result is the same, running poorly, and if the temperature
drops an additional twenty degrees, not running at all. As the cold
causes the quantity of crystals to increase, the fuel turns to a gel,
clogging the fuel system.

Justice Brothers DIESEL FUEL ANTIGEL assists in eliminating this
serious problem as well as dispersing water in the filter, preventing
filter icing, and lowering the cold filter plug point by as much as
35-degrees. DIESEL FUEL ANTIGEL also cleans fuel-injectors, lubricates
rotary pumps and increases cetane, providing increased power. At the
start of cold weather, add DIESEL FUEL ANTIGEL to your Diesel fuel
system and keep the liquid flowing.

For over 70-years Justice Brothers has been a supplier of quality
professional care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America,
each Justice Brothers additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer
performance and reliability. Find out more about Justice Brothers at www.justicebrothers.com ,
or contact them at 2734 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626)
359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care

FAST Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module

fast.jpgNow track engine rpm in addition to air/fuel data with your FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter

Knowing your engine’s air/fuel ratio is critical to maximizing its
performance. Knowing what rpm that air/fuel ratio is occurring at gives
you the data you need to make precision adjustments to address specific
tuning problems. The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module is an upgrade kit
that lets you monitor and record your engine’s rpm and is fully
compatible with any FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter. It installs with a quick
firmware update to your meter, and the rpm module plugs in-line with
your existing O2 sensor harness. The rpm pick-up is a unique inductive
pick-up design that eliminates any wire cutting to get your rpm signal.

The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module comes with everything you need,
including the installation CD, communications cable, USB cable adapter,
power source, rpm module, clip-on inductive pick-up and full
instructions to get you up and running in no time. Best of all, you’ll
never have to guess what your air/fuel ratio is, or what rpm it occurs
at, ever again.

For more information about the FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter RPM Module or any
other FAST™ product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at www.fuelairspark.com

Nitro*A*gogo! Releases Funny Car Summer

Diehl is proud to announce the release of the Funny Car Summer handbag
sold exclusively through her company Nitro*A*gogo!  

Inspired by drag racing’s fan-favorite class, Diehl has handcrafted a
striking and retro-appealing combination of metal flake vinyls and faux
fur fabrics worthy of any drag strip girl in your life.  The Funny Car
Summer bag features Kustom Tuck 'n Roll design with an inside zippered
pocket, a divided pocket for cell phone, silver grommet-ring strap
eyelets, white stars, matching stripe trim, solid vinyl straps, silver
purse feet and genuine pewter Funny Car zipper pull.

Leeza Diehl, a back-up girl for husband and current IHRA Funny Car
driver Jeff “The Surfer” Diehl, personally handcrafts this as well as
dozens of eye-catching and drag racing inspired accessories. For more
info please visit www.nitroagogo.com

TCI TH400 Full Manual Valve Body With Low Gear Engine Braking

th400_full_manular_valve_body.jpgNew TCI® valve body allows for total shifting control, ideal for rock crawling, off road and street/strip vehicles.

Making the right shift at the right time is critical to getting the
most performance from your transmission. The new TCI® TH400 Full Manual
Shift Valve Body with Low Gear Engine Braking is the best way to
deliver quick shift response times and clean neutral shifting. Best of
all, the full engine braking in low gear is perfect for rock crawling
and 4x4 applications where utilizing the engine’s compression drag to
help traverse the most extreme terrains is a useful feature.

The TCI® TH400 Full Manual Valve Body with Low Gear Engine Braking is
the perfect set-up not only for heavy off road usage, but is great for
hot street/strip cars where a forward shift pattern valve body ensures
reliable transmission gear selection. As with all TCI® valve bodies,
installation is a simple bolt-in procedure for any GM TH400
transmission with all necessary parts included and performance is
guaranteed due to the rigorous TCI® quality control standards.

For more information about the TCI® TH400 Full Manual Valve Body with
Low Gear Engine Braking or any other TCI® product, call us at
1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at www.tciauto.com

BG 2- & 4-Port Fuel Pressure Regulators

4portregulator.jpgRapid Response, Less Pressure Drop

BG Fuel Systems (a Barry Grant company) has 2- and 4-port fuel pressure
regulators that provide rapid response times and indiscernible
pressure-drop under extreme competition demands. Both regulators
provide fast recovery after starting line launches, gear changes or
activation of nitrous stages.  

Racers will benefit from increased consistency and improved performance
across the entire power band. Machined from aluminum billet and
anodized for longevity and smart appearance, each 2- and 4-port
regulator (Pt. Nos. 170025 & 170023 respectively) includes a BG
Lifetime Labor Warranty.

For complete information contact:
BG Fuel Systems, 1450 McDonald Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533
Telephone (706) 864-8544.  Visit our website www.barrygrant.com for the latest
Catalog and Technical Manual

COMP Cams New Solid Roller Lifters For GM Gen III Engines

compgen3_lifter.jpgInnovative new lifter design yields weight savings and maximum reliability for solid roller equipped Gen III engines

In their never-ending quest to provide the most advanced valve train
products in the world, the COMP Cams® engineering team has recently
introduced a new, improved solid roller tappet to the Endure-X™ line. A
weight savings of 14 grams per tappet over the earlier #8950 Gen III

solid roller tappets means that these ultra-precision quality lifters
will allow your Gen III engine to rev even higher – thanks to
significantly reduced valve train weight. An enhanced, pressure fed
oiling design, including EDM Oil Injection™ to the roller axle and
bearing, ensures long life, even when used in a street application.

The new COMP Cams® Gen III Solid Roller Lifters also feature a Tool
Steel axle, precision-sized needle bearing rollers and rebuildable
design to ensure years of dependable service in even the most demanding
of applications.

The new COMP Cams® Gen III Solid Roller Tappets are suitable for
applications ranging from high performance street to high rpm drag/road
race. They are available individually or in sets of 16 for 1997 to
current LS1, LS2 and LS6 engines and can be run with COMP Cams® Gen III
street and race solid roller camshafts or with any other Gen III solid
roller camshaft.

For more information about the COMP Cams® Solid Roller Tappets for Gen
III Chevrolet engines or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at
1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com