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COMP Cams (High Load) H/L Beehive Valve Springs

drop-in valve spring designed for aggressive camshaft lift and high boost

Realizing the tremendous power potential the Ford 4.6L & 5.4L, 2
& 3 Valve Engines have to offer, enthusiasts are now pushing them to new
levels of performance, often utilizing superchargers, turbochargers and very
aggressive camshaft profiles. However, these performance upgrades only highlight
the shortcomings of factory and inferior aftermarket valve springs. If not
addressed properly, improper valve spring selection can lead to lackluster
performance, valve float and, in severe cases, valve spring failure. Enter COMP
Cams® with the industry’s most technologically advanced valve spring for Ford
4.6L & 5.4L, 2 & 3 Valve Engines with aggressive performance

Working with top Modular engine builders and NMRA racers, the COMP Cams®
engineering team designed the H/L Ford 2 & 3 Valve Beehive™ Valve Springs
with a seat pressure of 120 lbs. and 275 lbs. open pressure, providing correct
valve spring pressure for demanding high boost supercharger/turbocharger
applications. Of course, like all COMP Cams® Valve Springs, these springs
utilize 100% Super Clean™ wire material for the ultimate in strength, pressure
retention and harmonic resistance. As a pioneer of performance Beehive™ valve
spring technology, you can rest assured that these new valve springs deliver all
the performance benefits inherent of the Beehive™ design, such as reduced valve
train mass, extended rpm range and superior valve control dynamics. Combine
these design benefits with an easy drop-in installation, and it’s clear to see
that these are the right valve springs for Ford Mustang & truck owners that
are passionate about squeezing the maximum performance from their engines. For
more information about the COMP Cams® H/L Ford 2 & 3 Valve Beehive™ Valve
Spring or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us
online at www.compcams.com.

TCI Releases New Transmission Control Unit

size, new features & improved versatility highlight Transmission Control

original TCI® TCU revolutionized the automatic electronic transmission market by
offering a plug-and-play computer system that provided total control of
transmission performance. The all-new TCI® Transmission Control Unit retains all
of those original benefits and includes a host of new features such as Dual Tune
Technology™ and paddle/button shifter capability, thus delivering more
versatility than ever before. These expanded capabilities make the new TCI®
Transmission Control Unit perfect for those replacing conventional 3-speed
transmissions with an electronic overdrive unit or performance enthusiasts using
aftermarket electronic fuel injection such as the FAST™ XFI™.

TCI® Transmission Control Unit’s Dual Tune Technology™ allows full shift control
with the flip of a switch. While the original TCU only offered power and economy
modes of operation, the new Dual Tune Technology™ allows you to create two
completely different shift modes, including shift points and line pressure to
increase shift firmness. The new Transmission Control Unit’s special on-screen
“Wizard” makes set-up and navigation of the T-COM 2.0 software a breeze. The
FAST™ XFI™ compatibility feature, through the CAN/BUS connection, means your
transmission will stay in touch with your engine management programming. The
same TCI® Transmission Control Unit works with GM 4L60E, GM 4L65E, GM 4L70E, GM
4L80E, GM 4L85E, GM 4T65E, GM 4T80E, Ford AODE, Ford 4R70W, Ford E4OD, Ford
4R100, Ford 5R55E, Chrysler 45RFE and Chrysler 545RFE transmissions – simply
select the proper transmission-specific wiring harness. For more information
about the TCI® Transmission Control Unit or any TCI® product, call us at
1-888-776-9824, or visit us at www.tciauto.com.

ZEX EFI Perimeter Plate Nitrous System

Revolutionary Perimeter Injection™
Technology specifically designed for carburetor to EFI conversion

years, if you wanted to put a plate nitrous system on your carbureted to EFI
conversion manifold, you had to buy a carbureted plate kit and try to make it
work. Modifying the right components and guessing at the proper fuel jetting
made it a dangerous install, even for experienced engine tuners. Seeing the need
for a fully engineered solution, ZEX™ developed the industry’s first complete
nitrous system specifically designed for popular square flange style EFI
conversion manifolds. You can now get all the benefits from the latest perimeter
plate technology in a powerful and safe, easy-to-install EFI nitrous

Optimum spray efficiency is assured by placing nitrous and fuel outlets
at 12 injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold opening. This
new technology assures excellent distribution of nitrous oxide and fuel and
delivers the most horsepower possible from your kit, without concern for lean

Additional benefits from the perimeter design include an ingenious new
cooling technology called Cryo-Sync™. With it, super chilled nitrous flows
through the ZEX™ plate before being injected into the engine. This rapidly cools
the plate, throttle body and intake manifold, producing a cooler, denser air
charge that benefits horsepower production. The new ZEX™ Perimeter Plate Nitrous
System is a complete kit that is tunable from 100 to 300 horsepower and is
compatible with any square flange, four-barrel style, EFI conversion intake

more information about the ZEX™ EFI Perimeter Plate Nitrous System or any other
ZEX™ product, call us at 1-888-817-1008, or visit us online at www.zex.com.




Bulitpruf’s new Twin Rotor Throttle body is a radical
departure from any throttle on the market today. It has no plates or shafts to
restrict airflow, in fact there is no restrictions at all at full throttle. The
throttle bodies come in two sizes. The small one fits a standard 4150 carb base
and flows 2100 CFM @ 28 in. The large one fits a standard 4500 carb base and
flows 3500 CFM @ 28 in. Throttle response is smooth and progressive. It can be
used for either EFI or mechanical fuel injection. It comes with a standard top
as shown or a top incorporating a built in tray for a GOZO air scoop or a
Bulitpruf designed air scoop.

In dyno tests conducted with Edelbrock 
and Pat Musi our 4500 throttle out performed   all throttles tested during a two day test
session including Ron’s. It picked up 32 HP and 27 ft/lb of torque on a 1037 Hp
engine over the best. The engine was a 555 Chevy with EFI on gas.

For more information call Bulitpruf at 
888 997 7816 or our web at www.bulitpruf.com

Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors

New FAST™ injectors feature
highest flow rate of any injector specifically designed for 2005-2008 LS2 / LS7
/ L76 / L92 engines

FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines are the highest
flowing injectors available and are uniquely designed for direct installation
into LS2 and LS7 / L76 / L92-style engines. Available in two different height
configurations and a wide range of flow rates, the new Precision-Flow™ Fuel
Injectors are correctly sized (shorter than the common LS1/LS6 injectors) and
feature the right EV6/UScar connector, enabling hassle-free plug-in operation.
In addition, the high-impedance, high-flow FAST™ injectors meet/exceed all
factory durability standards and quality tolerances.

to the arrival of Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines,
performance engine builders were required to retro-fit high-flow Gen III
(LS1/LS6) injectors which required a wiring harness adapter to fire the
injectors. Most importantly, due to the fact that LS2 and LS7 engines feature
shorter fuel injectors than other LS engines, when performance injectors were
required engine builders would have to modify the fuel rail placement to fit the
Gen III (LS1/LS6) style injectors. The new FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Injectors for
GM Gen IV engines are simple drop-in components offered in fuel rates up to 57
lb/hr (LS2–type) & 65 lb/hr (LS7/L76/L92-type), the highest rate currently
available for GM Gen IV engines. For more information about the FAST™
Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines or any other FAST™ product,
call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at www.fuelairspark.com.

Flatout Gaskets - Big Block Chrysler oil pan gasket

Flatout Gaskets is pleased to announce the release of their exciting new product
for Big Block & Hemi Mopars. After months of extensive
testing, clip_image004.jpgFlatout has developed a silicone rubber/steel carrier oil pan gasket
that out-performs all others!


Part #5020, Big Block Chrysler oil pan gasket is now


steel carrier
based product uses the latest in rubber molding technology to offer the
racer/builder a quality product that is not only re-useable, but also does not
stick to the block & pan surfaces.  Flatout has also incorporated compression
limiters in all the bolt holes to control the amount of torque on each


For more
information, please call Flatout Toll-Free @ 877.837.9200 or take a
look at the new on-line product listings at: www.flatoutgroup.com. Flatout products are also
available at www.summitracing.com & www.motorstate.com


Gaskets will be at the 2007 PRI Tradeshow – Dec. 6- 8 in
Orlando, FL. - Booth
#3334. To “STAY SEALED™” stop
by and pick-up a new catalog and learn about all the new sealing products
available from Flatout Gaskets!
















COMP Cams GM ZZ4 Power Packages

Cams® and RHS™ join forces to eliminate the “performance dysfunction” that
plagues GM ZZ4 crate engine owners

ZZ4 engine has great performance potential straight out of the crate; but in
today’s realm of high performance engines, 350 hp is not exactly something you
brag to your buddies about.  COMP Cams® is dedicated to producing top quality
components that draw the most power and torque from any engine platform. As a
result of this effort, COMP has designed bolt-on GM ZZ4 power packages that
dramatically improve the horsepower, torque and “fun factor” associated with
this engine.

results prove that carefully selected combinations of COMP Performance Group™
products can provide your ZZ4 with extra 16–92 horsepower, as well as bullet
proof reliability. For complete details on the COMP Cams® GM ZZ4 Performance
Packages, including dyno graphs, pictures and part numbers, call us at
1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

COMP Cams Embroidered Dri Mesh Polo Shirts

comp-polo-pr.jpgHigh-quality, comfortable Dri Mesh fabric looks great and keeps you cool under pressure

Keep cool with these red-hot Dri Mesh Polo Shirts from COMP Cams®. The
same shirts worn by their own personnel in the field, COMP Cams® Dri
Mesh Polo Shirts provide the driest moisture wicking protection
available to keep you cool, regardless of the weather. Best of all,
these shirts feature a full color, high-quality embroidered COMP Cams®
logo stitched on the left chest for years of quality appearance.

Available in sizes M-XXL and in white, black or gray, COMP Cams®
Embroidered Dri Mesh Shirts are made from 100% double poly mesh that
stands up to repeated washings without fading. These shirts require no
ironing and look great straight out of the suitcase – an important
feature for traveling racers and performance enthusiasts.

For more information about the COMP Cams® Embroidered Dri Mesh Polo
Shirts or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or
visit us online at www.compcams.com

LS2 Power Upgrade with Professional Products New Typhoon Intake

Performance enthusiasts are always searching for more power from their
LS2, and this hot new Professional Products Typhoon intake manifold can
deliver that additional power!

LS2 Typhoon manifold comes standard with a 96mm inlet opening that will
accept the stock, or any other aftermarket throttle body, including
Professional Products 96mm or 101mm. This manifold can easily be ported
to accept the larger 101mm bore. These throttle bodies will be
available in late 2007.

The Typhoon manifold comes complete with fuel rail kit, stainless
braided crossover hose and the necessary hose and fittings to connect
to the stock GM fuel inlet line. It is also equipped with nitrous
bosses for those enthusiasts who want to install a nitrous system for
even more power! Professional Products provides the intake gaskets,
manifold bolts, stainless mounting brackets and hardware for the fuel
rail kit. The Typhoon is available in either polished #52062 or satin
#52063 finishes.

For more information on Professional Products complete line of
performance intake products, or to download the 2007 Catalog in PDF
format, visit www.professional-products.com or contact Professional Products, 12705 S. Van Ness Ave., Hawthorne, CA. 90250. 323-779-2020 Fax: 323-754-1141.

RAM Clutches Introduces New Pro Mod Clutch Assembly

11_billet.jpgRAM Clutches is proud to introduce new 11-inch Billet Clutch assembly. 

The unit is configured around a nine-stand drive platform with six levers and adjustable static pressure springs. 

The clutch is ideally suited for supercharged Pro Mod and Outlaw
applications and is available in both two and three-disc configurations
for legal and outlaw combinations. 

RAM Clutches has been producing top-of-the-line products for the drag
racing industry since 1972.  Current IHRA World Champions Quain Stott
and Pete Berner rely on RAM Clutches! 

For more information on RAM products visit ramclutches.com or call 803.788.6034 x 201.