American Powertrain™ now offers a G-body Hydramax™ hydraulic clutch kit as a true bolt-on hydraulic conversion for all ‘78-‘88 GM G-body vehicles.

For clutch modifications, the stock G-body firewall is well known for not being strong enough to handle clutch conversion, and often does not have the proper geometry for a universal type hydraulic bracket. American Powertrain’s Hydramax utilizes the stock brake master to locate the clutch master cylinder support bracket ensuring a strong mounting location. The G-body bracket is laser-cut, powder coated and uses a tried and true Wilwood 3/4” bore clutch master for added reliability and easy mounting.

The Hydramax Clutch Kit includes the Hydramax hydraulic release bearing for use with a T5, TKO, T-56 and Magnum 6-speed, and works with the American Powertrain G-body clutch pedal set for a complete manual clutch conversion.  Only minimal cutting is required to enlarge the cruise control hole to fit the clutch rod.

For more information about American Powertrain’s G-Body Hydramax Hydraulic Clutch Kit or TREMEC transmission kits for Ford, GM or Mopar, view this video, or visit To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified technicians, call 931-646-4836. For weekend and holiday calls, a call back service is available at 423-773-9789.