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Pontiac V8 265-455 CamsThroughout the 1960s and ‘70s Pontiac was known for pushing the limits - always finding a way to put its largest engines into its smaller cars, even when faced with ever-increasing governmental restrictions. Though Pontiac shared platforms with its sister company Chevrolet, unique, torque-heavy powerplants and bold designs helped distinguish its cars from those of its more mass-produced partner, spawning iconic cars like the GTO, Trans Am, and Bonneville. Now, thanks to Lunati’s expanded line of performance and racing camshafts for Pontiac 265 through 455 V8s, fans of “The Chief” can realize enormous horsepower, torque, and RPM increases in their street or race cars.

Lunati’s hydraulic and solid flat-tappet cams, as well as hydraulic and solid roller cams, help Pontiac V8s to produce horsepower and torque numbers that were unheard of back in the engine’s prime. Whether it’s a high-torque engine for your street machine or an all-out competition engine for your race car, Lunati cams for Pontiac V8 engines are engineered to deliver maximum power as well as complement the addition of the latest aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers, and ignition systems.

With several different lobe profiles available, there is a cam to match nearly every build. However, if one of the many cataloged cam profiles just isn’t what you are looking for, Lunati can also custom design an even more potent cam profile for your specific Pontiac V8 application. Additionally, if you aren’t sure about exactly which camshaft best complements your build, Lunati’s race experienced technical support service is available by phone or online chat to help guide you to the right cam profile for your needs.

Lunati also offers a complete line of matched valve train components for the Pontiac V8 engine family. Hydraulic and solid flat-tappet lifters, hydraulic roller lifters with lightweight vertical link-bar, and mechanical roller lifters all help to deliver maximum HP while increasing reliability. Lunati also offers a complete line of valve spring kits, springs, retainers, locks, pushrods, and timing sets for even greater power.

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