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NHRA-legal driveshaft loops now available for 4th Gen Camaros, Fox Mustangs & Universal Kits

Trans-Dapt-Performance-Driveshaft-Loops---4141---4th-Gen-F-Bodydisplay2Racking up 11-second time slips used to be a nearly unattainable goal for weekend warriors, but it’s now commonplace to see street driven muscle cars pulling the front wheels and breaking the 10-second barrier thanks to modern launch controls and powerful new engine tech. Cars running this fast must meet strict NHRA safety regulations, one of which is the requirement for a driveshaft loop. Trans Dapt Performance now offers affordable and easy to install NHRA-compliant driveshaft loops for 4th-Gen Camaros, Firebirds, and Trans Ams, Fox-Body Mustangs, and a universal bolt-in application.

NHRA rules require a driveshaft loop on any vehicle that runs the quarter mile quicker than 13.99-seconds while running slicks or quicker than 11.49-seconds on street tires. The reason for this requirement is to keep the driveshaft from digging into the ground or piercing the floorpan of the vehicle in the event of a front universal joint failure, possibly causing a sudden loss of vehicle control or serious injury to the driver. To comply with these rules, Trans Dapt’s driveshaft loops are made out of two-inch wide, quarter-inch thick steel and are powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Recognizing that the 1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird and 1978-1993 Ford Mustang are some of the most popular drag cars among amateur racers, Trans Dapt made sure to have bolt-in solutions for these vehicles. The F-Body loop (Part# 4141) replaces the light duty factory crossmember, fits both automatic and 6-speed manual transmission models, and provides clearance for up to a 2.5-inch y-pipe. The Fox Body Mustang loop (Part# 9813) fits snug to the floorpan for maximum clearance and is predrilled for easy installation. For all other applications, the universal bolt-in driveshaft loop (Part# 4140) is adjustable to be compatible with just about any vehicle’s driveshaft height.

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