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Join us this Saturday and Sunday April 13th & 14th at the South Georgia Motorsports Park for the 2013 ADRL Tour! ADRL Communications, powered by, provides hosted PBX Solutions for business’ of any size! ADRL Communications will begin providing services to racers, fans, team members, affiliates, and local business to help develop and maintain a professional telecommunication presence, with a greatly reduced rate.

The ADRL Communications Virtual Phone System is the answer to any company's need of a reliable, cost efficient, and professional services. Our systems are low in cost and high in quality. Moreover, they offer an up time guarantee of 99.9%. With these services being the preferred system for most companies, both large and small, there is no question that this technology is here for the long run. Many companies are motivated to use this technology, due to its proven ability to save them a significant amount of money in operating costs. PBX services enable firms to lower their telephone costs by up to 50%. There are absolutely NO maintenance demands, NO upfront fees, and you will receive superior call quality without having any further stress.

ADRL Communications, powered by won't just save your budget. It will relieve more of the stress sitting on your shoulders while offering you the services you want to receive.

With features giving you a local, toll free, or vanity number allows you to have a local presence no matter where you are! This is an amazing feature that's beneficial for Racers and business owners a like, you are able to operate your business and maintain control all through your smartphone. For example, if you're racing or conducting business in Georgia but your business is located in Missouri our rate centers all over the United States give you a local presence even when you're not in the local area. If you already have a local number with another provider, we will easily Port that number to ADRL Communications ensuring that you never miss a customer call!

When a customer calls, we offer a plethora of features to make business simpler for both the company and the customer. With customizable Welcome Greetings (auto-attendant) accompanied by Dial by Name Directories, navigation is achieved with ease! As the owner-administrator you can personally record the welcome greetings in addition to On Hold advertisements, directions, company information, or simply music. You can make changes on the fly if need be for emergency services needs or other company changes you feel should be done on the spot. This is personal feel that a majority of business people are looking for and, now have! Especially, if you are a Drag Racer, whether a sportsman or Professional, or just a fan. It allows your customers a feeling of personal connection to you.

With our hosted PBX Solutions you receive Unlimited Extensions for you and your staff, Unlimited Call Handling, and Call Routing Extensions. With these features you are able to handle multiple calls at one time. You can have holding extensions also known as ACD, automatic call distribution queues, so you can basically have as many people on hold simultaneously, then they will be automatically connected to the next available customer service representative. Customer calls can also be rotationally routed to extensions so that all sectional staff receives a balanced amount of calls throughout the day. This is a great way to run your office ensuring everyone gets the sales or support calls as they should. Always ensuring you keep happy customers!

Additionally our Virtual PBX services provide Call Forwarding, Call Screening, and Bridge and Conference Calling. Call forwarding allows you to stay connected to your business at all times. You can reach your employees and staff on any phone, anywhere assuring that everyone is able to stay connected. Call Screening with pre-announcement provides you with 3 options when answering a call. 1. Answer the call, 2. Send caller straight to voicemail, or 3. Hear the caller’s name and phone number. All the while, the caller remains on hold listening to music or your recorded audio. The choice is always all yours! With bridge and conference calling, the simple selection of the phone numbers you wish to conference with and let us do the work!

ADRL Communications powered by does not stop there! We also offer Voicemail-to-email, Fax-to-email, and Phone Portability functions & features. With our voicemail feature we deliver your voicemail messages to your email address and/or mobile devices. Your voicemail messages are converted to an audio file and sent to your email addresses with an attachment. With our Fax feature we are here to make your life organized and easier. Your customers can fax you anything they need on demand while the system files all the documents by name, phone number, or anything you’d like! Faxing is done on demand and directly to you in an instant! Making this perfect for a business professional with a busy lifestyle. You'll never have to worry about losing a voicemail or fax because they will all be available at your fingertips. Finally, Phone Portability with Local Number Portability allows you to port your phone number to ADRL Communications; of course including all the features & functions! In turn, you won’t need to go through the trouble of changing advertising/marketing materials or notifying customers and clients of a number change.

Overall, converting to us as your carrier for your business phone system, is the right choice. ADRL Communications powered by Simply-Phones hosted PBX Solutions will benefit you and your business in more ways than just price efficiency. It is the best decision you can make for your growing business and your customers.

About a division of Call Trax Pro, LLC. Call Trax Pro has over a decade of experience in telecommunications and related telecommunication products and services. home office is in ATCO, NJ.