03840Not since the introduction of the 327 V8 for the 1965 model year has hopping up the horsepower of a Chevy Nova or Chevy II been easier. Thanks to a laundry list of go-fast goodies, swapping a modern GM LS-engine into a first or second generation Nova/Chevy II is now the hottest ticket in town. Though engine swaps can be fraught with headaches and frustrations, Hedman Husler Hedders has made bolting-in one of these modern powerplants easy and worry-free with their #03857 LS conversion mount kit is for installing an LS and T56 or 4L60E combination in 1962 to 1967 Chevy II and Nova vehicles.

Hedman Husler Hedders, and their Muscle Rods team, have brought to market premium quality headers, engine mounts and transmission mounts that were developed at the same time, on the same car. This design process ensures that these three main ingredients blend together seamlessly, for a smoother flowing project. Made in the USA, this powder coated engine mount and transmission crossmember kit utilizes the car’s factory bolt holes, so there is no drilling of the chassis needed, and it positions the engine with the proper 3 to 5º pinion angle. Though no modifications are required for 4L60E automatic transmissions, installing a T56 manual does require some cutting of the vehicle’s transmission tunnel due to the larger dimensions of the T56 case. All kits come complete with quality, high-performance polyurethane mounts, grade 8 hardware and detailed instructions.

Hedman Husler’s #45323 Stepped Long tube headers are also built in the USA and designed exclusively for use with the #03857 mount kit. They employ sturdy 3/8” flanges, 1-3/4” x 1-7/8”mandrel bent 18-gauge primary tubes, and a stealthy Black Maxx black ceramic coating to keep more heat in the tubes and protect against corrosion. The stepped tube design provides the best combination of high end horsepower and low end torque, making them ideal for road racing or just cruising to your local car show. Hedman Husler also offers a standard 1-3/4” tube diameter set as well. All models are available in the Black Maxx coating, silver ceramic coating, or raw mild steel.

Hedman Husler’s Muscle Rods line of LS swap products offers combination specific headers and motor/transmission mount kits for installing an LS engine in classic GM A, B, F, G and X-body vehicles as well as Tri-5, X-Frame and ½ Ton GM trucks and SUVs. For more information, visit www.LSswapkits.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call (770) 664-8880.

Hedman Hedders began as a one man shop in 1954. Bob Hedman, founder of Hedman Hedders, sold his highly sought after exhaust tubes to fellow racers on the dry lakes of the Mojave Desert. In the years since, the Hedman Performance Group has constantly reshaped itself to meet environmental requirements and incorporate computer technology to ensure that its products offer the best performance improvement possible for street, race and off-road vehicles. With the addition of Hamburger’s Performance Products, Trans-Dapt Performance Products and Hedman Husler Hedders, the Hedman Performance Group continues to develop the best performance proven parts in the industry with a focus on making parts in the USA.

For more information, visit www.HedmanPerformanceGroup.com



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