New Dart Platinum Series PRO 1 Cylinder Heads Incorporate Advanced Wet-Flow Technology

Written by CompetitionPlus.

dart_pro_bbc.jpgDart's new Platinum Series PRO 1 aluminum cylinder heads for small-block and big-block Chevy V-8s are the direct descendents of Dart's Pro Stock engine program, incorporating sophisticated wet-flow technology and improved combustion efficiency. Affordable Platinum Series PRO 1 heads offer exceptional performance in street/strip, bracket racing, marine and high-performance applications.

"Essentially we've reinvented the standard small-block and big-block cylinder heads," said Dart founder and president Richard Maskin. "There were enough things to change that it justified making brand-new heads from scratch. Our goal was to take advantage of the parts and technology that are now available and bring these heads into the 21st century."

Both applications retain the original bolt locations and use stock and aftermarket bolt-on components.
"Even working within these limitations, we made big gains in efficiency by incorporating all of the data we've collected on the wet-flow bench, the dyno and the race track to improve the total package," Maskin noted. "When we were finished, the sum of all the improvements was significant."

The new PRO 1 heads' intake seats have five distinct angles – a direct result of Dart's wet-flow testing. Each of the five angles provides a shear point for the fuel to go into suspension before it enters the chamber. The valves are back-cut to condition the fuel before it enters the chamber. As a result, the engine pulls more fuel and makes more power.
The spark plugs in Platinum Series PRO 1 heads are located as close to the top and center of the combustion chambers as possible, shortening the distance that the flame front must travel and producing a more uniform pressure rise in the cylinder.

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