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It’s been eight years since I last traveled from place to place, writing mainly about NASCAR, and yet the same tired stories still flare up, absurdly, from time to time.

There’s a new Kyle Busch!

The reigning Cup champion is never going to grow up or old, and that’s all right. He drives race cars. He’s not the director of public works.

When Kyle is winning races, which he does a lot, he is a jolly good fellow who puts on a jolly good show. When he loses, or when events on the track do not go his way, the brat comes out. This is because he abhors losing. Truly this man would rather finish last than second. If Kyle finished second and didn’t go all Donald Trump, it would scare him to death.

Last week, riding yet another wave of “New Kyle Busch” stories, Kyle got wiped out on his surfboard again. All it took was a mere runner-up finish to Chase Elliott in a Gander Truck race.

A Truck race!

I do not dislike Kyle. I just recognize that he is Kyle being Kyle. Not only is he never going to change. I don’t want him to. Whether or not one likes his personality, he has one.

A volcano gurgles and crackles in Kyle’s soul. He hasn’t yet won a Cup race this year. He was due for an eruption. In a time of empty races, Kyle’s temperament boils over.

By nature, a writer enjoys a subject who will talk about the good times and the bad. This is not Kyle’s nature. A writer also enjoys a driver who is true to himself. This is Kyle’s nature. It was Tony Stewart’s nature. It was Dale Earnhardt’s nature.

For all the hills that Kyle Busch has tumbled down, it’s been worth it all having him around.