Shane Westerfield, 2017 NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car champion, is the new driver of Rick Jackson's new Camaro alcohol Funny Car. Westerfield parked his own team at the end of last season.

“I haven’t been this excited and this nervous in a while to go race,” Westerfield said.

Westerfield and Jackson plan to put in some test laps following the PRO Winter Warm-up at Wild Horse Motorsports Park ahead of the NHRA season-opener in Pomona, Ca.

“I’m looking forward to letting the clutch out in a few weeks.” Westerfield' who has now been fitted for the new seat, said. “I’ve had the opportunity to visit the race shop a few times now, and it’s a very professional organization that Rick and his team have put together.”

The association between Westerfield and Jackson is not a relationship which happened overnight. It's one which has been growing over the years.

"Rick and I both have a background in drag boat racing, so it makes it fun to talk boats with him and now to be teamed up with our race program, I am excited."

Sponsors for the Rick Jackson Motorsports team includes CPCarrillo, Lucas Oil, Blake Brothers Racing, Dynamic Technology, Centre Pointe Collision, Arvada Excavating, and NGK Spark Plugs.