While technically it was Wiseco Saturday at the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park, it really is not nice to fool with Mother Nature. Fridays Strange Engineering-sponsored $50K race was hampered by rain, forcing officials to pull the plug with six pairs of cars left to run in the fourth round due to curfew restrictions. Unfortunately, that was at 1:30 in the AM today.

Because of that, today’s schedule had to be adjusted and as such, round four was completed followed by the balance of eliminations, eventually crowning Tommy Cable as the Spring Fling $50K champion. That was then followed by Wiseco Saturday’s $20K race with the decision not to allow buybacks as more weather was scheduled to come in.

Wiseco again awarded the Golden Ticket to one randomly selected buyback participant purchasing their buyback for the day. Wednesday that person was David Bell, Thursday Ivey Brannon and Friday was Donny Algieri. Because there was no buyback on Saturday, Wiseco still awarded the Golden Ticket randomly to a first-round runner-up, $160 in cash, to Shane Carr.

Round seven of the Strange Engineering Friday $50K had ten cars remaining; five door cars and five dragsters; to be placed on a ladder with the first pair out Nick Hastings and Michael Illig with Hastings giving back the win light by .002 to advance Illig. Robert Hindman and Jeff Serra battled with Serra winning. Mike Bloomfield Jr. and Megan Lotts did battle next with Lotts moving on with a .006 package. Former Fling champion Tommy Cable and this year’s Fling Million runner-up Shane Carr battled with Cable getting the win. Bobby Mouat and Russell Penny rounded out the round with Mouat getting the nod to move on.

Quarterfinals had two door cars still alive. Cable dispatched one of the door cars to move on to the semis with his dragster, and Mouat defeated the last remaining door car of Serra, while Lotts took the odd car bye run.

Mouat’s .009 reaction time in the quarters earned him the bye run in the semis to advance directly to the finals, while Cable and Lotts battled with Cable looking for his third Fling trophy to add to his Fling points championship in 2015. With the reaction time advantage, Cable sent Lotts packing, moving into the finals to continue his quest.

One round left in Strange Engineering Friday; although it was Saturday. With both dialed identically, it was Tommy Cable on a mission with a perfect .000 reaction time  and dead-on the dial with an “8” for his third Fling trophy.

Like a lot of other champions, Cable said, “This is simply amazing and you can’t ever let up against these guys here. They’re all good. I was lucky when I had to be and good when it was needed.”

With a Strange Engineering Friday champion finally crowned, the racing moved on to Wiseco Saturday and $20K-to-win. Thirteen racers left, five door cars and eight dragsters. Barry Teachey II, Jake Hodge, Ricky Adkins, Colby Fuller, Ray Knight, Buddy Dial, Kenny Underwood, Josh Harper, Dan Davies, Greg Showns, Shane Maddox, Will Holloman and Baily Ferraro.

The odd car bye run fell to Adkins in round six, while the other survivors were Fuller, Maddox, Underwood, Holloman, Harper and Davies.

Quarterfinals and those moving closer to a $20,000 payday were Davies, Maddox, Holloman and Fuller. Three dragsters and one door car.

Semifinals and the lone door car of Fuller missed the ‘Tree handing the win to Holloman. In the other half, Maddox used a stellar .002 reaction time to take a holeshot win over Davies. Final round, two friends and two great racers, but Mother Nature wasn’t having any of it with rain and wind starting to come down heavy. Both Maddox and Holloman decided on their own to simply split the final with both stating, “It’s not worth waiting for the rain to stop or taking a chance with our cars.”

The Todd’s Extreme Paint MVP award was given to Gary Williams for his many late round appearances which included a win and a runner-up. The award comes with a custom painted helmet and $1,000.

After the event, Track Manager Dana Strickland said, “We are so happy to have the Spring Fling here. All the racers are so tough and the entire event is run so smooth. Thank you to all who came, congratulations to all the champs, and we hope to see you all again next year.”

Our sincere thanks goes out to all the racers for supporting our event at Galot,” said co-promoter Kyle Seipel, “and we look forward to seeing each of you in Bristol in September.”

And with that, the third K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park is in the books. Next up for the Spring Fling brand is the famed tenth anniversary of the Sparco Fall Fling 500K in Bristol in September where one winner will walk away with $500,000.


Strange Engineering Friday opened up at the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries with the ante upped to $50,000-to-win at Galot Motorsports Park in North Carolina.

“This event is all about the racers,” said co-promoter Peter Biondo prior to eliminations beginning. “We know how much money and time it takes to attend an event of this size and we also know that we couldn’t do it without you. Our racers are the ones who make the event what it is and we can’t thank you enough.”

Weather this week has not been an issue. High temps and low humidity kept things quite comfortable… until today. The humidity came in and a brief shower half-way through the second round of today’s race set things back a little. But the staff at Galot Motorsports Park did an admirable job drying the surface and re-prepping it back to ideal conditions with racing continuing.

While racing was going on, the Impact-sponsored Racer Appreciation Party began with door prizes, a live DJ, face painting, a magic show and more, entertaining everyone on the property with food cooked by Chef Anthony (Bertozzi).

With only a handful of dragsters left to run the balance of the second round, Mother Nature stepped in once again, holding up the racing for several hours before the track crew again dried and prepped the surface. The balance of second round began again around 11:00pm and was completed by 11:35 with the third round following right behind.

Round four began and due to the late hour, working closely with local law enforcement, officials decided to call it a night with six pairs of cars left in round four; which was actually Saturday morning at around 1:30. Strange Engineering Friday’s $50,000-to-win race will continue fresh on Saturday with those six pair left and then until a champion is crowned.

It was a credit to the Galot staff for the track preparation to dry the facility twice and get back to racing at such a late hour. Unfortunately, you can’t mess with Mother Nature. “We’d like to thank all the racers who worked with us to complete as much racing as we did, along with law enforcement who allowed us to run past our curfew,” said co-promoter Kyle Seipel. 






On what was the longest day yesterday at the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at Galot Motorsports Park, it actually ended at a somewhat reasonable hour of 11:00pm. The reason for that was each competitor yesterday was allowed a single time trial followed by eliminations. Eleven hours of eliminations ended when Gary Williams defeated John Tolisano for a $15,000 payday.

Today, only new entries received a time trial with eliminations beginning at 9:00 but the ante was upped to a $20,000 payday for one lucky winner on JEGS Thursday. Also, on tap tonight was the running of the Hoosier Tire Door Car Shootout where a randomly selected field of 32 door car racers vied for $10,000-to-win.

Each day, Wiseco has chosen to award the Golden Ticket, choosing one random racer each day to receive a free buyback into eliminations. Today’s Golden Ticket winner was Ivey Brannon who wasn’t able to parlay it into a buyback round win, but she was nonetheless thankful to Wiseco for award, as is everyone else for their support of the Fling.

Down to round six with ten cars left to enter the ladder round and the survivors were Dean Turner, Wednesday’s winner Gary Williams this time in a door car, Jordan Arnold; although Arnold lost an axle off the starting line but still won the round when her opponent went red first. They’ll be joined by William Daniels, Chris Borges, Kevin Brannon, David Wright, Chet Dragon, Dan Fletcher, Jack Ostrowski.

Coming back for the quarterfinals were Wright, Ostrowski, Williams, Turner, and Daniels with a competition bye run because his intended opponent Arnold couldn’t make repairs, leaving him still eligible for an odd car bye run of which there were two byes left; both in the quarters and the semis.

For the quarters with three door cars and two dragsters left, Wright received the bye run by virtue of his reaction time; Turner took out Ostrowski and Williams defeated Daniels. With his best reaction time of the round, Williams received the semifinal round bye to move directly to the final against either Turner or Wright, with the possibility of an all door car final. That all door car final was not to be as Turner ran out against Wright, making it a dragster versus a door car for all the bucks.

For the final, Williams left first based on his dial-in but it was Wright with the reaction time advantage and dead-on the dial with a “2” for the win. “I am speechless,” he said. “This is my first big win and I really don’t know what to say but so thankful.”

With a JEGS Thursday champion crowned, the attention turned to the Hoosier Tires Door Car Shootout, a limited 32-car field shooting for a $10,000-to-win prize. In the semifinals, Kurt Harrington defeated Brian Nolf and Paul Warwick took out Chad Axford. Two years ago, Warwick defeated all in the Super Tuesday Dragster Shootout and this year he was not to be denied in the Hoosier Tire Door Car Shootout.




While yesterday’s Super Tuesday Test & Tune session followed by the American Race Cars/Race Tech Dragster Shootout was the first day at the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at Galot Motorsports Park, today marked the “official” start of the event. FST Wednesday began with a single time trial for all competitors with eliminations beginning for a $15,000-to-win day.

Race promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel made the decision this year to limit the field of entrants to 385 by way of a pre-entry system for both of their east coast events at Galot and Bristol in the fall. “We felt this was the best way to ensure a quality experience for all of our customers,” said Seipel. “It allows us to complete a race at a reasonable hour and give everyone the chance to enjoy the race, the day and their friends.”

For the Galot event, pre-entries opened up online back on March 4th, and an impressive statement to the power of the brand is that in less than eight minutes, the entire 385-car field was filled.

With the field whittled down to exactly 16 cars, the survivors of round five were Michael Morton, Jose Diaz, Brent Alford, Jason Lynch, Brian Martel, Nick Womack, Bethany Crick, Gary Williams, Carl Drake Jr., Wes Siegel, Brian Reklaitis, Super Tuesday Dragster Shootout winner Nick Folk, Cody McDaniel, Chris Stine, John Tolisano and Jim McDaniel.

Round six brings each onto the ladder where Tolisano used a better reaction time to take out Jim McDaniel; Stine red-lighting to advance Lynch; Folk moving on with a win over Martel; Crick and Drake matching reaction times with Crick turning on the win light; Williams and Womack also matching reaction times with Womack running under his dial to advance Williams; Reklaitis defeating Diaz; Siegel over Morton; and finally Cody McDaniel defeating Alford.

Quarterfinals, round seven and the lone door car left of Lynch had the RT advantage but Williams took a .001 advantage at the finish line for the win light. Siegel and Reklaitis went at it with Reklaitis running dead on the dial with a “3” for the win. Tolisano took a .003 advantage at the finish line for the win over Crick. And Folk continued to charge on after last night’s win with another win light over McDaniel.

Semifinals and Williams took .009 at the finish line to end Reklaitis’ day, while we might have seen a chink in the armor when Folk might have given back the finish line by .005 to advance Tolisano.

Final round and it was Florida versus Florida, with both combatants hailing from the Sunshine State, each leaving the starting line with matching .006 reaction times but it was G-Dub, Gary Williams running closer to his dial, taking a .004 finish line victory.



For the third year, the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries has made its presence known at Galot Motorsports Park in North Carolina. A pre-entered field of racers flocked to the gorgeous track which began life in 1957 as Dunn-Benson Drag Strip. GALOT Racing owner Earl Wells purchased the track in 2013 and completely renovated the facility raising it to one of the finest in the country.

Super Tuesday opened up with tech inspection and a Test & Tune session along with the Race Tech/American Race Cars Dragster Shootout where a limited field of 32 racers vied for a brand-new car for both the winner and runner-up, with the winner receiving his first choice of which brand.

Turn on four win lights to make it to the final round and you have yourself a new car. Those which had so far had turned on two win lights to make it to the ladder round of eight, were the door cars of Chad Duke, Jeff Verdi and Bug McCarty with the dragsters of Kevin Brannon, Cody McDaniel, Nick Folk, Shane Carr and John Labbous.

In that quarterfinal round, Carr turned on the red-light to advance McCarty and his door car. Labbous took out Verdi, Duke hung tough besting Brannon and finally, Folk took out McDaniel. Two door cars, two dragsters and in the semifinals it will be just that, door cars versus dragsters with all looking for one more win light to win a new dragster. A loss in the semifinals earns only $500, but a win; well we know what that’s for.

The man who did so well two weeks ago at the Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas, the man who already has four Spring Fling trophies over the years to his credit, John Labbous is starting the week off right here with a semifinal win utilizing a .007 package against Duke. In the other half, Folk, a former NHRA world champion himself, used a better reaction time to defeat McCarty.

But now it was the final. Two former NHRA world champs. Two great names in our sport facing off to see which one gets the choice of either an American Race Cars dragster or one built by Race Tech. Only .003 separated them in reaction time, but it was Labbous running out by .001 while Folk was dead-on with a “6” for the win. And in a hilarious moment, both men swapped cars and drove each other’s back to the winner’s circle celebration where Folk chose the American Race Car leaving the Race Tech for Labbous.

FST Wednesday opens up with a warm-up $15,000-to-win race.